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Win a Fun “Surprise Package” from Japan!

Wow! A surprise package!

Wow! That was fast! We already have three winners: Alisa (France), Jane (Germany), and Vladimir (Serbia)! The contest is now closed (and I’ve added the answers to the quiz below), but don’t fret, I’ll continue to hold little contests like this one in the future!

Would you like to get a fun “surprise package” from me and my kids? A package of cool, child-friendly things from Hiroshima, Japan that will make your family dance on the kitchen table in excitement?

To mark the 6-month anniversary of this blog—and to say “arigato” for all the warm support Bilingual Monkeys has received since I posted my first article—I’m holding a little contest.

The contest is a quiz about this site, and the first 3 readers to submit the correct answers to 10 questions will win a super “surprise package” for their family!

Entry is open to all and is completely free, so read on for all the details!

Contest Rules for the “Surprise Package” Quiz

1. The first three people to email the correct answers to the quiz questions will each win a “surprise package.” Your email should be sent to:
Email me!

2. I will respond to each email as quickly as I can, confirming whether or not all 10 questions are answered correctly. If not, you are free to resubmit your answers one more time.

3. When there are winners, I will update this blog post with the news.

4. When three winners have been confirmed, the contest will close and the answers will be added to this blog post. However, the contest will still close on May 10, even if there are fewer than three winners. (In other words, the contest will close when there are three winners, or on May 10, whichever comes first.)

5. The “surprise packages” will be shipped in May to the winners.

Again, this contest is open to everyone, both subscribers to the Bilingual Monkeys newsletter and non-subscribers alike.

However, please note that subscribers to my free newsletter not only receive additional content not found on this blog, they’re also eligible for other contests and giveaways not available to non-subscribers. You can quickly sign up by clicking the link below or visit the subscribe page for further information.

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Questions for the “Surprise Package” Quiz

These 10 questions are about my family in some way. The answers can be found in my blog posts. (Hint: Head straight to the category menu—in the right sidebar, below the list of links—and select the category “My Family.” You’ll find all the answers in those articles!)

Short answers are fine, but please make sure everything is clear and complete.

Remember, the first three people to submit the correct answers will be the winners! Best of luck to all!

1. What does Lulu want to be when she grows up?
A dancer.
(See “I Can Help People”: I Interview My Daughter on Being Bilingual)

2. What does Roy want to be when he grows up?
Just a normal man.
(See “It’s a Little Bit Funky”: I Interview My Son on Being Bilingual)

3. Before Roy was born, we took Lulu to “Safari Land” (like a drive-through zoo) and I got bitten by an animal. Which animal bit me?
A lion.
(See The Time I Got Bitten By A Lion)

4. When Roy was two years old, he nearly lost his life. What happened?
He was almost hit by an SUV.
(See Thoughts on Death and Life and the Bilingual Child)

5. When my children were smaller, I did something that might impact their lives in the future—perhaps even after I’ve passed away. What was it?
I wrote letters to them, to be read when they’re older.
(See A Special Way to Impact Your Child Years from Now)

6. What did I do to “clone myself” when I couldn’t spend much time with my kids?
I made videos of myself reading, singing, and talking to them.
(See The Busy Parent’s Guide to Cloning Yourself)

7. We sometimes have homestay guests from other countries at our house. Name one of these countries.
Papua New Guinea, Germany
(See Venomous Snakes and the Bilingual Child and Getting a Bilingual Child to Feel the Value of the Minority Language)

8. My kids like to watch TV shows on the Disney channel. Name one of the shows they watch.
“Hannah Montana”; “Shake It Up”; “A.N.T. Farm”; “Austin & Ally”
(See How Many Hours Per Week Is Your Child Exposed to the Minority Language? and Fuel Your Child’s Passions and English Proficiency)

9. What was my New Year’s resolution for 2013?
I’m determined to be more proactive when it comes to my efforts, and more persevering when responding to dissatisfying results.
(See My Resolution for the New Year)

10. What quote by Thomas Edison is posted on the wall above my computer?
“The most certain way to succeed is to just try one more time.”
(See 49 Inspiring Quotes for Parents Raising Bilingual Children)


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