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Why I’m a Dinosaur (And How My Work Will Now Evolve)

My lizard and I have a lot more in common than you might think.

Yogi is a reddish bearded dragon who looks a lot like a baby dinosaur.


And I’m becoming a lot like a dinosaur, too, both in my advancing age and in the fact that I began the Bilingual Monkeys blog over 10 years ago.

Compared to the reign of the real dinosaurs, 10 years isn’t so long. But a lot has changed in our world over the past 10 years and my work online hasn’t changed enough with it.

*Advances in technology have produced an explosion in social media use…and falling interest in blogs and forums (like The Bilingual Zoo).

*This evolution has also made creating and consuming video and audio content much easier than it once was.

*When it comes to parents raising bilingual kids, the first decade of childhood is arguably the most important…which is why “my generation” of parents (who now have teens) are no longer as active in this space. In other words, roughly every 10 years, a new “generation” of parents arises with a bilingual dream for their children. And today’s parents are naturally seeking helpful content more in new ways than in old ways: through video and audio and social media exchange.

This is how I evolved from a man into a dinosaur.

And thus my challenge became: either retire or change with the times.

Helping new “generations” of parents

Honestly, for a while, I was thinking that I would simply fade away from this field as I moved in new directions. I mean, everything has a season, no matter how long it may last. (Exhibit A: T-Rex and his mates.)

But the truth is, fading away also felt wrong to me because, here I am, with over 25 years of experience with bilingual and multilingual children—expertise that can continue to help many more parents for another “generation” or two—and I was going to retire when I was now capable of actually helping them the most?

This is why I launched my private coaching program, Bilingual SuperKids, in January. This one-to-one program enables me to provide the most powerful support I possibly can to any parent with a bilingual or multilingual aim for their kids. (Hint: Work with me directly and your bilingual dream is guaranteed.) That’s the wonderful upside of personal mentoring, but the downside is that the number of parents I can work with like this is naturally quite limited.

And so, in an attempt to be more helpful to more people, and upgrade my work with the state of the world, I’m now also moving into video and audio. This video work will first focus on free webinars and paid courses—then perhaps a YouTube channel—while the audio work will likely lead to a regular podcast.

I’ll keep my aging blog and forum online for now, though I won’t continue to produce as much content on these sites.

Watch my very first webinar

So this is the next season of my work in this field. And my very first piece of new content is my free, on-demand webinar…

Free Webinar: How to Get Your Bilingual Child Eagerly Shouting Out the Minority Languages (Literally!)

It’s true! Watch this video and you’ll learn, in just 20 minutes, how you can get your child literally SHOUTING OUT the minority language, too!

Here’s what one parent told me by email after learning this simple but powerful technique…

Wow! I was so inspired watching the video and I have such great hope that this tool will help with the minority language in our family. I can’t wait to try these things out!

So if your child isn’t already using the minority language as actively as you’d like, watch this video for new ideas and fresh inspiration!

Watch my free webinar now!

P.S. Yogi and I are cheering for you! :mrgreen:


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