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Kletsheads book reviews

I’m happy to report that a new and very positive review has just been published about my book Bilingual Success Stories Around the World! In fact, it’s three reviews in one because they appear on the Kletsheads podcast, where three reviewers with expertise in child bilingualism discuss the book. (Thank you, Sharon, Ludovica, and Sam! I’m so glad you like it!)

If you haven’t already read Bilingual Success Stories Around the World, please listen to the podcast and you’ll hear how the book could help you experience greater bilingual or multilingual success for your own family.

Review of Bilingual Success Stories Around the World at Kletsheads

On a personal note, let me add that all the positive impressions shared in this review were so heartening to hear. Although I’ve always believed in the value of the book, the praise offered by leaders in the field has reconfirmed this value for me. In fact, the book turned out to be a much bigger undertaking than I expected, but I’m very glad that I (somehow!) completed it and it can now benefit others in the world for many years to come. (Loud shout-out to all the families that I interviewed for the book, too!)

And if you want even more inspiration and ideas for bilingual success, Kletsheads reviewers also praised my book Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability in a previous podcast episode.

Review of Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability at Kletsheads

Both books are available worldwide, as a paperback or e-book, at Amazon and other booksellers. (If you’ve read one or both of them, but haven’t yet left a short review at Amazon, I’d be extremely grateful if you would.)

And if you’re not familiar with the Kletsheads podcast, I encourage you to become a regular listener. Sharon Unsworth and her guests are delivering some of the very best content involving bilingual children that you’ll find on the web today.


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