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The Top 10 Posts at Bilingual Monkeys for 2016

The Top 10 Posts at Bilingual Monkeys for 2016

As of today, the total number of posts at this blog—begun on September 1, 2012 with The Ten Commandments (of Raising a Bilingual Child)—has reached 325.

In 2016, 51 posts were made and 11 of these were guest posts. (If you’re interested in guest posting at Bilingual Monkeys in the future, see this page.)

The 10 most-seen posts at this blog for 2016—in terms of the number of page views—are listed below, from 10 to 1. (However, it’s important to note that posts made later in the year naturally had less time to accrue page views so had a disadvantage in this ranking.)

If you missed any of these articles the first time around, take a look to see why they were among the most popular posts of this year…

10. Guest Post: Regrets Over My Monolingual Childhood Have Fueled My Passion For Raising Bilingual Kids
Chontelle Bonfiglio shares the touching story of her monolingual past, and the bilingual future she is determined to create for her own two kids.

9. How a Globe-Trotting Alligator Helped One Family Find Greater Fun and Success on Their Bilingual Journey
A wonderful project, pursued by a family in the U.S., that brought them closer to the world and boosted their bilingual aim.

8. Movie Project with My Kids: “Purple Monster in the Woods” (Watch Now!)
Short-term projects—like this little movie I created with my kids—can be a productive way of enhancing exposure to the minority language.

7. A Powerful Perspective on Raising Bilingual Children: The Great “Iceberg” of Bilingualism
Is your “iceberg” forming as you hope?

6. Nobody’s Perfect at Raising Bilingual Children
To raise a bilingual child, the important thing isn’t perfection, it’s perseverance.

5. Guest Post: Yes, You Will Have Haters. Keep Speaking to Your Kids In the Minority Language Anyway.
Sam Zerin shares his personal struggles, as well as helpful suggestions, on the challenge of speaking the minority language in public.

4. 45 Key Questions Every Parent Raising a Bilingual Child Should Ask
Ask and address these important questions to strengthen your efforts and your success at raising bilingual children.

3. 7 Steps to Get Your Bilingual Child Using the Minority Language More Actively
Follow these 7 steps to strengthen your child’s bilingual development and promote more active use of the minority language.

2. Why Saying a Lot of Dumb Things to Your Bilingual Kids Is So Valuable to Their Language Development
Making regular use of “imaginary talk” is a key tactic for promoting a child’s language development as well as a playful parent-child bond.

1. This Is When You Should Give Up the Idea of Raising a Bilingual Child
What if you’ve done your “very best” but you’re still “failing” at your bilingual aim?

How about you? Which of these posts—or other posts made at this blog in 2016—were your personal favorites? Why?

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