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The winners are in! Tatiana in Ukraine has won “Bosley Sees the World” and Kiara in Italy has won “Bosley Goes to the Beach”! Congratulations! Tim Johnson of The Language Bear will contact you directly to arrange delivery of your books!

Tim has also agreed to offer a special discount to any reader of this blog who would like to purchase a book. To place an order, simply click here for “Bosley Sees the World” or here for “Bosley Goes to the Beach.” Then, on the order form, enter the secret word monkey in the “Offer code” field. The 25% discount is good only for the first 20 copies of each book, so place your order soon if you’d like a copy at this lower price. (If you have any questions, please email Tim at The Language Bear.)

Bosley Bear

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The Language Bear

The Language Bear is a publishing venture by Tim Johnson, an American author writing bilingual children’s books, available in a range of languages, that are specifically designed to support the process of second language acquisition in young children. At the same time, Tim hopes his books will help broaden a child’s curiosity of the world and cultural awareness.

Bosley BearThe little hero of Tim’s colorful dual-language books is a cute, playful bear cub named Bosley, and each gentle story depicts Bosley pursuing a new adventure. With the simple text provided in two languages on every page (English-Spanish, English-French, English-Japanese, etc.), the child is exposed to useful words and phrases in the target language as Bosley learns about the bigger world outside his small cave.

The books are especially suitable for reading aloud to smaller children, from birth to around age 5, but could also be used as early readers when children, of any age, are beginning to read independently.

In fact, I wish Tim had created the books a few years earlier, because I know my own kids (now 9 and 6 and reading at a higher level) would have enjoyed them a lot when they were younger. I’m sure we would have read them together over and over again!

Bosley Bear series

The Adventures of Bosley Bear

Bosley Sees the World
The first book in the series finds Bosley exploring the natural world around him before returning to the comfort of his own little bed.
Translations: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic
Formats: Print, Kindle (coming soon: iBookstore)

Bosley Goes to the Beach
Perfect for summertime reading, the book tells the story of Bosley’s visit to the beach with his mother and his encounters with other friendly creatures.
Translations: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese (coming soon: Chinese)
Formats: Print, Kindle (coming soon: iBookstore)

Upcoming titles

Bosley’s First Words
Designed for the younger child who is still acquiring basic vocabulary involving family, toys, numbers, foods, and other simple words.
Expected release date: August 25, 2013
Translations: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese
Formats: Print, Kindle, iBookstore

Bosley Builds a Treehouse
Children follow Bosley as he designs a treehouse, collects the supplies he needs, and builds it with his tools and determination.
Expected release date: November 2013
Translations: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese
Formats: Print, Kindle, iBookstore

Keep up with the whole growing series of Bosley books by visiting Tim Johnson’s author page at amazon.

Bosley Goes to the Beach

Book Giveaway!

If you’d like the chance to win a free book—your choice of Bosley Sees the World or Bosley Goes to the Beach, in your choice of language, and in your choice of format—here’s all you have to do…

1. First, make sure you’re subscribed to the Bilingual Monkeys Newsletter. (If not, use the form above or visit the subscribe page.)

2. Then, to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below with this information:

  1. Your first name and country (example: I’m Adam and I live in Japan.)
  2. The book you would like (example: I’d like Bosley Goes to the Beach.)
  3. A fun fact about your child (example: My 6-year-old son can burp like a machine gun.)

If you don’t include all this information, your entry won’t be included in the drawing!

3. The last day to leave a comment is Friday, August 16. (When I check my computer on Saturday morning, Japan time, entries will then be closed.)

4. Two drawings will be held on Saturday, August 17: one drawing for those who want Bosley Sees the World and one drawing for Bosley Goes to the Beach. For each drawing, your names will be placed inside Bosley’s blue cap and then Bosley himself will choose the lucky winners. (Or Tim will fill in, if Bosley is busy.)

5. The winners will be announced on this blog, and Tim will contact them directly to deliver their books.

Best of luck, everyone! I look forward to your entries!


53 Responses

  1. I’m Francesca and I live in Italy!
    I’d like Bosley Sees the World.
    My baby it’s still in my womb…I’m just 4 months pregnant…but if I have to say a funny fact, it would be about last night…I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and when there was the ball and they started the music, this little one began dancing…it was hilarious to feel it so active!

  2. I’m Lindsay and I live in Maine, USA.
    I’d like Bosley Sees the World, in English/Spanish.
    I have three kids 5 and under, and we speak only Spanish at home. In the winter, my kids’ favorite treat is to roast marshmallows in our wood stove.

  3. This is Celine living in the United States. I think my daughter and I would like Bosley Goes to the Beach in English/French. When we go to the beach my 2 year old loves to swing bull kelp around and see it crash in the sand. She thinks it’s hilarious!

  4. I’m Brian and I live in Japan.
    I’d like Bosley Sees the World.
    My 5-year-old daughter’s favorite song right now is the Hokey Pokey, and her favorite part is to put her butt in and shake it all about!

  5. I’m Angela and I live in Italy.
    I’d like Bosley Goes to the Beach.
    My almost 4-year-old son is currently obsessed with sea life – all kinds of fish, whales and especially sharks!
    My 7-year-old daughter loves drawing and has a very bad habit of giving herself haircuts whenever the mood strikes!

    1. You live in Italy???Me too!!! Where???I’m just dying to meet people that are raising bilingual kids in this Country! It seems like I’m the only one, and that makes me look crazy apparently! 🙁

        1. hi… some of my relatives live in Fondotoce, Pallanza and Suna. i’ve got a house there. we’re not so far.. when i’ll come to spend some days on holidays i’ll let u know.. on fb? kiara viola shauri is my nickname. are u english or american??

          1. I’m American, but I now have dual citizenship (USA/Italy)
            Kiara – I couldn’t find you on fb. Look for me – Angela Jane Hundley

        2. Northeast…2 hours south of Venice…:)
          Please, add me to your facebook friends if you want, so we can keep in touch! 🙂 As I wrote before, my name is Francesca Zaghi and I have a Houston drawing in my timeline! 🙂

  6. Hello everyone! My name is Tatiana. I’m from Ukraine.
    I would love to get the book “Bosley Sees the WORLD” for my three sons. We teach two foreign languages??: English and Spanish.
    Here’s something funny about my 11 months baby. Recently, he said his first word! It was when we saw a cat on the street. My kid said, “kitty”! He said his first word on English! I’m so proud of him!

  7. Hi I’m Victoria and I’m from the US. I’d like Bosley sees the world. A fun fact about my child is my daughter’s favorite activity for the day is making a schedule for the next day.

  8. hi, it’s kiara, i live in Italy, i’d love Bosley Goes to the Beach.

    my 18-month- old son Matteo is a lil bit lazy, but more or less he sounds off 30 words (english of course) and his favourite one is water bomb balloon–he loves popping em on his sister Viola so he’s asking for more and more…ahahah and when u ask him: “what’s your name?” he answers: Viola!!! ahhahaha. boys are really funny!!

    my 3-year-old daughter Viola, instead, loves mimicking me, so when perhaps i make some mess, she tells me: “mum, u r really a naughty girl!!” and lots of other quotes…

    1. Hi! 🙂 Same thing I wrote to Angela! In which part of Italy do you live? I live in Veneto…I’d love to meet someone close to me that is raising bilingual kids in English/Italian…:)

      1. are u english or american? one of my granma lives in Ponte di Piave (tv) and my auntie, uncle and cousins are in padova…now i live in Noli(sv)…but please yes, we have to meet up.

        1. I’m Italian actually, but I lived in Houston, TX for about 4 yrs…:)
          Padova is not too far away from here, and neither is Ponte di Piave!!! …well, Noli is…but I think we can manage to meet here in Veneto! OMG, I’m so excited!!! I read you have a 3 yrs old and a 18 mo…I have…a bun in the oven for now! 😉 But I’m really looking for people with whom I and my little one, could talk in English once he’s born…
          Please, look me up on Facebook!!!! My name is Francesca Zaghi, and you can see that my timeline pic is a drawing saying “Houston”! If you’d like, write to me, so we can chat a bit more!


  9. I’m Sara, I’m Italian and I live in London. I’d like Bosley Sees the World for my 2 little boys. A funny fact about my 4 year old is that a few weeks ago I showed him some insect-type bites I had on my leg and I said: “Look, something bit me” and he said “Was it a bison?!” (all in Italian, of course!) 🙂

    1. hi! my aunties and cousins live in london. i’ll come soon to visit em. it would be nice meet u up. we can write each other on fb (my nickname is juani viola shauri). bye

  10. Hi, this Paul in Japan. I’d love to get Bosley Sees the World.
    My 5 year-old’s favourite phrase is “this is the best (something) ever”. For example, this weekend was the best weekend ever because we went to a local festival and a swimming pool. Almost every weekend is the best ever!

  11. Hi, my name is ALSO Brian (see above), and I’m ALSO in Japan! I’d Like Bosley Sees the World. My little princess is 4 years old and loves loves loves to make up songs (in Japanese, but one day, I hope, in English, as well)! She also likes to make up so-called “kae-uta”. Recently, we were singing “Zippity Doodah”, and she felt compelled to end every line with “nipple” (“mister bluebird on my…nipple!”)!!!

  12. My name is Denhi and I live in the US. I would love Bosley Goes to the Beach in English/Spanish as I’m striving to teach my son my first language. My 18 month old has somewhat of long hair sort of Beatles style, and he likes to shake it like they did back in the day, so whenever we say the word Beatles he starts shaking his head and let his hair move just like Lennon would!

  13. Hi, my name’s Olivia. I’m an Australian living in Japan.
    I would like Bosley Goes to the Beach.
    My daughters (4 and 2 years old) love all things “princess”. They run around the house with anything that will substitute for a wand, calling out “bippity, boppity, boo”. And when they are not doing that, they are either dancing with, or taking turns marrying their teddy bear, “Prince Paddington”.

    1. ahah viola (3 y.o.) is addicted to Disney motion pictures (cinderella, snow white, aurora, belle…no animals…just princesses) ahahha girls…

  14. Hi! My name is Rosa, I am in Italy. I would love to receive Bosley Sees the World for my kids age 6 and 4. I try to speak English with them all the time but I am the only one at home doing so, my husband speaks Italian. They seem to understand a lot but always answer back in Italian and if you ask them to reply in English they say: “Females speak English, men speak Italian!”

    1. No way!!! That’s crazy! :O Well, I’m a female too, so I would be proving their point…but as I told Kiara, if you want to chat a little, or even to meet up (I live in Veneto), you can look me up on facebook! My name is Francesca Zaghi and I have the timeline pic with a drawing saying “Houston”…:)

      1. yeah…maybe we can meet up in a agriturismo all together…after francesca’s delivery aahaha
        rosa,.where do u live???

      2. Hi Francesca and Kiara! Unfortunatelly I live in Naples, way too far from you ladies! Anyway I would love to chat and keep in touch with you using facebook. I will send you a friendship request (my name is Rosa Volpe), then we can never know, you may come to Naples on vacation or we could come up there sometime (we have a motorhome and travel a lot). We’ll see.

        1. yeah…it would be really exciting. my nickname is juani viola shauri, there are a lot of rosa volpe, dunno which one select…

  15. Hi, I’m Joanna in Australia.
    I’ve love Bosley Goes to the Beach in English/Italian.
    I am currently 41.5 weeks pregnant, so, getting excited about meeting my daughter soon, and hearing what the first words of her father will be, and whether he can stick to his guns and say them in Italian!

  16. Hi, I’m Sonia and I live in Spain. I’d like Bosley Sees the World in English/Spanish. I don’t have children yet but I teach English to children in Spain and I’m trying to get lots of books to use with them and also to have a good library for my own kids! And for me!

  17. Hi I am French, I live in England, my daughters are bilingual and I teach French as a second language to all age groups including children!

    I’d like “Bosley Goes to the Beach.”

    Fun fact: My second daughter speaks Franglais in a very specific way: she transforms English verbs into French ones: she says “Je viens de me wiper les fesses”. (I just wiped my bottom).

    1. yeah that’s the funniest thing ever…when they mix up the 2 languages…my daughter speaks spanglish sometimes or italenglish…and gibberish of course…but now she’s 3 and luckily she speaks italian outside and spanish and english at home and with me…what a hilarious atmosphere…

  18. Hi, I’m Zsuzsa from Hungary, I am a nonnative mom raising my 20-month-old son bilingually (our chosen language is English).
    We would love to have Bosley Sees the World pls.
    The fun and motivating factor now with my son is the fact that he started singing baa, baa black sheep beautifully…all right sometimes blaa blaa…but still it is so rewarding.

    1. baa baa black sheep and all the other nursery rhymes are amazing…my kids love them, dance and sing them all day long…

  19. Hi, I am Renata, I am Polish , my husband is Italian and we live in Australia. I would like “Bosley Goes to the Beach” English/Italian. My Anastasia loves soccer, fish, and ice-cream.

  20. Hi! My name is Christina and I am currently living in China (from Ireland originally). Nice to meet everyone!
    I have yet to have any children although they will definitely be being raised in a multi-lingual house (I speak 4 languages with dabblings in others, my partner 2) !
    I teach the bilingual classes (All teaching carried out 50/50 in English/Japanese with basic Chinese lessons once a week too) in an international school here so am always looking out for more resources to encourage the children to communicate in both of their languages.
    We would very much like ‘Bosley Sees the World’ (English/Japanese).
    Thank you for an informative and interesting blog!

  21. Hi, I’m Nathalie from Switzerland. I’d like “Bosley Sees the World” for my little girl.
    My husband is Australian, so our family language is English and I speak German with Ananda Mae, who’s a very communicative 2 year old. She can speak non-stop on a 3,5hrs car ride and drive her parents CRAZY! A good book that keeps her busy would be heaven sent…

  22. I’m Tatyana and I live in US currently.
    We would like Bosley Sees the World in English/Russian.

    My 4 year old currently loves to sing a song about a grasshopper. She found a youtube video with a Russian 4 year old singing it, and now watches it every day and of course sings it to anyone willing to listen. She also watches Russian children in Shanghai sing “Kalinka”. It amazes me how small their world is.

    My 11 month old has only 2 words so far – “mama”(same in both languages) and “ya/da”. We can’t tell if it’s “ya” or “da” for the second one and both mean yes. So I guess she refuses to identify which language she prefers.

  23. Hi, I am Melinda from the United States. I would love “Bosley Sees the World” for my son. He is not yet two, and his biggest claim to fame in our family is that (on his own), his natural style of dancing is like the Irish traditional step dancing. He stomps his feet and turns, and keeps his arms by his sides.

  24. 1. I’m Soo and I live in sunny California, USA.
    2. I would love Bosley Sees the World.
    3. We’ve just started teaching our 3 year old daughter some American and Korean slang words (i.e. cool, awesome!), and it’s been fun to hear how she incorporates it into her daily dialogue with us.

  25. Hi!

    My name is Nathaniel and I am an American living in Japan. My son would love Bosley Goes to the Beach in English / Japanese.

    My son is really into dinosaurs right now, but the names are too long for him to pronounce so I have to come up with nicknames for them to use when we play. T-rex is a given, but so is Stego, Pterry, Brachio, and Ally.

  26. Hi, my name is Julie and my ten year old son is Justin. We live in Japan.
    My son would love ” Bosley Goes To the Beach” in English and Japanese.
    Fun fact: Justin’s nickname is monkey.

  27. Hi my name is Emma and I live in the UK. Although I am British we speak only French at home (my husband is French).
    My son would love Bosley Sees the World in English/French.
    My son will be 2 in a couple of weeks and he amazes me everyday at the moment with new words in both English and French almost every half hour!

  28. Hei. Hola. Hello. Nihao. I am Eva and I live in the U.S. My kiddos would love “Bosley Sees the World” in English/Chinese. Fun fact: My son calls himself Indiana Jones and carries a 10-foot bull whip everywhere we go. 🙂

  29. Hi, I am Virginie! I am a French New Yorker 🙂
    I would love “Bosley Sees the World” for my son who will turn 1 year old in 2 weeks.
    My husband and I speak French to him, in day to day life he hears English, his nanny teaches him Spanish and he will soon attend a Mandarin class…phew!
    Fun fact: since we live away from our family, the only way for our little boy to stay connected with his grandparents is to “talk” to them on FaceTime every week. And he systematically looks behind the iPad to see if they are there, he even literally kisses the iPad to say good bye to them 🙂

  30. Hi, I’m Cathryn and I live in Italy.
    We would like the Bosley Sees the World book.
    My 2 yr old daughter is currently obsessed with Peppa pig and has just started blowing raspberries – when I tell her that it’s not very polite she just laughs and says “Peppa do it!”

  31. Thank you guys for ALL the great comments. It’s so nice to hear all the awesome things you have to say about these books, and how many people are interested in getting a copy! I’m choosing the two winners now, but stay tuned because I think Adam will be offering everyone else a consolation discount price for everyone else!

  32. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You made us so happy! This is a fantastic gift for my kids! Of course, I would like the English-Spanish translation. Thanks a lot! Wish you all the best!

  33. THANX!!! we’re waiting for the book.. viola is so excited.. she goes on telling everybody: “i won a competition” as Stephanie (lazy town), in english.. even to her italian friends that obviously don’t understand anything.. ahaha so she shows off and off she goes. ahah

  34. I’m Bill in the USA (New Mexico)
    Any resource in Chinese would be great. I arrived here via Bennies FITM website, and the books are for me ! (not so much a kid anymore!!)
    Traveled to China in April and want to learn as much Mandarin as I can.

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