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The Bilingual Zoo: A Free Community for Keepers of Bilingual Kids

The Bilingual Zoo is open!

What is the Bilingual Zoo?
The Bilingual Zoo is an online community for parents and teachers of bilingual (and multilingual) children. The kind support of the Bilingual Monkeys audience has enabled me to develop a friendly forum to complement the information found on this site. The forum provides a space for us to interact more directly and personally, thereby overcoming distance and isolation and empowering our mutual success on the bilingual journey.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
You don’t have to become a member to access the Bilingual Zoo, and read the content on the forum boards. The intent of the site is to be helpful to all, whether members or guests.

However, registering for a free account, and becoming an active member, offers a number of important benefits:

You will no longer be alone on your journey. You can be part of a helpful worldwide community of parents and teachers of bilingual (and multilingual) children.

As a member, you will be able to make posts to the forum. (Guests can read posts, but cannot make posts.)

  • You can ask questions and receive support from others.
  • You can exchange useful strategies, ideas, and resources.
  • You can find friends, near or far, who share your same circumstances or difficulties.
  • You can feel more accountability by reporting your aims and your actions to the group.
  • You can join regular “challenges” that will strengthen your knowledge, your skills, and your efforts.
  • You can respond to others with advice and encouragement.

In addition to making posts on the forum boards, members of the Bilingual Zoo community are able to send “private messages” to each other, a powerful feature for networking and support.

Members will also be eligible to enter special giveaways and receive other perks that are not available to guests. (Like the big opening giveaway described below!)

Sounds good! How do I become a member?
Simply register for a free account at the Bilingual Zoo, review the community guidelines (found under “Announcements”), and complete your “Profile” by following the instructions in the welcome message you’ll receive at the forum. (Again, you must become a member, and complete your “Profile,” before you can begin posting to the forum boards.)

Will I have to wear a zookeeper’s uniform?
Uniforms are optional. Monkey outfits for your children are also optional.

However, there will be a special prize for the first family that submits a fun photo of themselves dressed up like zookeepers and monkeys and permits me to post it. (The photo must include at least one zookeeper and one monkey, dressed in suitable costumes.)

Email your photo to…

Email me to "test drive" the new forum!

Are you really serious about that photo?
Yes, I am.

Is membership in the Bilingual Zoo really free?
Yes, membership in this community—and all the benefits it can bring—is free for all.

At the same time, members are asked to make a small annual contribution (a minimum of $10 US) to help cover the operating expenses of the site and the costs for improving it over time. This contribution is voluntary, but should be considered your yearly “dues” for membership in this “club.” In other words, I won’t order my children to chase you down and bite you if you don’t contribute, but without the support of our members, and your sense of “ownership” for the community, the site won’t be sustainable. The support of each member is needed and appreciated.

Contributions can be made at any time right here, but January will be our annual “month of giving” for the year ahead. At that time I will make my most active appeal to the community for its support.

Now what about that giveway you mentioned?
To celebrate the opening of the Bilingual Zoo, everyone who joins by July 31 will be eligible to win anything they like from the Bilingual Style store! There will be 3 lucky winners, selected at random!

Bilingual Style

Just follow these three simple steps and you’ll automatically be entered in the giveaway…

Step 1: Become a member of the Bilingual Zoo by registering for a free account. Read the forum guidelines under “Announcements.”

Step 2: Complete your “Profile” by editing the information and adding a photo (for your “Avatar”).

Step 3: Make your first post under “Introduce Yourself.”
Read through the introductions already on this board for examples and inspiration. And please note: If you don’t introduce yourself there, you won’t be eligible to win!

Bonus Step for good luck in the giveaway: Share the Bilingual Zoo URL (the link below) with your family, friends, fans, and followers!

I’m ready to join! Where’s the Bilingual Zoo?
Right here! See you inside the gates!


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