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Ridiculous Riddles 4

What's the most dangerous animal in the world? Here are a few more “ridiculous riddles” to try with your kids. Proceed with caution, however: today’s theme is “dangerous creatures.”

If this is the first time you’ve stumbled upon my ridiculous riddles, you can click that link to first view the previous posts in this series. And if you haven’t already read about the serious merits of this silly strategy, be sure to open the box below to magically reveal that helpful information.

What are Ridiculous Riddles and how can I use them?

Children love riddles. And for parents, riddles can be a fun and versatile way to promote language development.

I began making up my own “ridiculous riddles” a few years ago and I’ve used them in these ways:

  • To nurture speaking and listening skills. For me, riddles are especially handy at mealtimes. Plus, after hearing my riddles, Lulu and Roy are often eager to exercise their imagination and make up riddles of their own.
  • To increase exposure to reading material. Riddles can be used as captive reading material in the home (see Why You Must Put a Whiteboard in the Bathroom) or as lunchtime notes when away at school. (Just pose the question and let them ponder the answer until you meet.)
  • To encourage creativity and writing. In addition to using them orally, riddles are a great way to practice writing. Parent and child invent a few riddles for each other and then swap papers to guess the answers. (The guesses need to be written as well.)

Each “Ridiculous Riddles” post features a few silly riddles that I made up for my kids. Feel free to try them with your own children in the ways I’ve described, and give a go at creating new riddles, too. I think you’ll find that “ridiculous riddles” can be an entertaining and effective addition to your bag of tricks!

Make a guess before clicking the “plus sign” to reveal the answer!

What should you do if a lion is about to attack?
Be polite and sprinkle salt on your head.
(Did you know I was once bitten by a lion? It’s true! See the evidence right here!)
What has orange and black stripes, sharp teeth, long claws, and a big hump on its back?
A tiger. (I just added that part about the hump to make it harder.)
What's the most dangerous animal in the world?
A donkey driving a tank.

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P.S. Get my list of funny tongue twisters for kids!

How about you? Can you think of another riddle about a “dangerous creature”? Please share it below!
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