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Read Early Reviews of My New Book, “Bilingual Success Stories Around the World”

“This fascinating book will show you that there are many successful ways to gift children with multiple languages from infancy. Whatever your situation and language experience, there is probably a path that you can follow to successfully foster bilingualism in your family. Determination is perhaps the only common trait of the many families interviewed by expert author Adam Beck. A great resource to gain confidence in your own bilingual journey.”

I’m really happy that the early reactions to the book have been so positive. And this isn’t only because such reviews are enormously helpful for encouraging other parents to read it and gain value from it as well. On a personal level, as the author, it’s extremely gratifying when the reader “gets” the book and there’s a feeling of kinship between us through the words I’ve written.

I would strongly recommend this book to any parent raising multilingual kids—or those thinking of trying. Read it and be encouraged! The stories are carefully curated so that, whatever your situation, you will find something to inspire you. One extra language or many, different ages of children, native or non-native speaker of the target language, it’s all here with a “you can do it too” tone. I was personally encouraged by the repeated refrain that it doesn’t have to be perfect—and it can always be fun.”

Of course, this doesn’t happen all the time. For instance, even though most people have connected quite strongly with Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability, some people haven’t, and their comments can be painful for me to read, especially when someone who doesn’t “get” the book—which took years of work to produce—dismisses it entirely with just a few brief words.

“What a great source of support and encouragement for families like mine, trying to raise multilingual children! When anyone begins this ‘adventure,’ no one really knows where it’ll end, and most importantly, how to do things. Most people seem to think that you just begin to speak the minority language and, magically, your kids follow suit and begin speaking it, but it’s much, much harder than that. This book offers a great description of what those efforts are, and how they’ve been successfully implemented by other families. It certainly provides a good mirror to reflect upon, and those pages are full of wisdom and great ‘secrets’ to share. Highly recommended!”

So, as an author, a reader’s reaction really goes far beyond the practical need for “marketing” a book. Deeper than this, it’s about connection between writer and reader, and affirmation of the writer’s heartfelt efforts. Writing a book isn’t easy, and sharing it can be even harder, but when we have something to offer others, something that we feel can benefit their lives in some way, then it’s well worth these efforts and those occasional disappointments. Not every reader will connect with a book, but many hopefully will, and I feel blessed to say that many of my own readers have connected with my books over the years.

Naturally, I hope that my new book, Bilingual Success Stories Around the World, will also resonate with you and that you’ll share your positive impressions with others out in the world, as in these early reactions from other readers. I’d love to read your review, too, at Amazon and Goodreads! Thank you so much! :mrgreen:

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