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Memories of Fatherhood on this Father’s Day 2021

Happy Father’s Day! It’s hard to believe I’ve marked so many of them! My kids are now 17 and 14 and today I looked through old photos, taken a dozen or so years ago, and I’ve chosen a few to share. To be honest, I’m feeling wistful for that bygone time. It’s been over for a while now and I’ll never experience it again. Looking back, it seems so strange that the days sometimes felt so long and yet the years flashed by so quickly. It all passes much faster than you expect while you’re living it. I can only encourage you to make the most of each day you have when your children are young. Not only is this time with your kids vital for fostering their language ability, it’s the only chance you’ll get—and what a priceless chance!–to play with them and love them when they’re small.

Then you’ll blink and discover that a decade has passed…and you’ll be making the same warning to other parents with young kids.

It’s odd and sad when your children are no longer really children, and you no longer play the same central role in their lives. These pictures of me and my kids are like bottled moments from a past that feels both very recent and very long ago. But such is the nature of life. We can only savor our experiences as we live them, making the memories we wish to hold when we grow older.

To all fathers (and mothers) out there, may you make the richest memories you can for this future which awaits.


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