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“Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability” Is Now 5 Years Old! Here Are the Top 5 Facts of the First 5 Years!

1. Since the book was published on April 17, 2016, it has been read by thousands of parents all over the world. Roughly 5~10 copies are sold each day, which totals over 10,000 books to date.

2. I’m not only humbled by this interest in the book, which is far stronger than I imagined when I wrote it, the positive impressions from readers through email, social media, and online reviews have meant so much to me both personally and professionally. The fact that the book resonates with parents in a heartfelt way, and can touch the lives of families at such a deeply important level, is immensely gratifying.

3. And when I see people talking about the book in other languages, like at Instagram, I’m just amazed. It’s one thing when I’m able to understand people’s impressions, because they’re communicating these in English. But when they read the book in English then share it in a different language, with the same sort of enthusiasm, it’s such a thrill to witness, even when I can’t actually follow what they’re saying!

4. The book was translated into Polish in 2020 and the Polish edition has now been read by many parents inside and outside of Poland. The idea that my thoughts, originally written in English, can impact others in a similar way, in a different language, is a marvelous thing. I hope there may be more language editions of the book in the future. (Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in producing one!)

5. Along with my blog and forum, this book has enabled me to connect with the world from my remote spot in Hiroshima, Japan, offering me the opportunity to meet so many incredible families. While most I haven’t met in person, I did meet a few families in Japan and in the U.S. as well as a number of families during my trip to Europe in the fall of 2019, to pursue interviews for my upcoming book, Bilingual Success Stories Around the World. But whether I’ve met you in person or online, or we haven’t yet had the chance to meet (reach out anytime!), please know that I’ll be forever grateful for your interest and your support. Thank you. :mrgreen:


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