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Highlights from Bilingual Monkeys: September-October 2013

Highlights from Bilingual Monkeys: September-October 2013

As I explained earlier, I’m now taking a little break from blogging to focus on other writing projects. Over the past two years I’ve written more than 200 articles about raising bilingual children so this is a good time to take a short pause and let you catch up with previous posts that you may have missed.

One writing project is a book about raising bilingual children. My goal for this book is to provide ideas that will not only help parents achieve success, but maximize that success. This will be my mission moving forward: maximizing our children’s bilingual development.

If you’d like “inside information” on my new book—I’ll keep you posted on my progress and even give you the chance to win a free preview copy—just click this link to add your email address to a special list. (I’ll only email you occasionally, and only about my book.)

Sorry, this list is now closed.
Yes, I’m interested in your book on maximizing success at raising bilingual children.

At the same time, I’ll continue to remain active at the forum for our community, The Bilingual Zoo, so please stop by and say hello. It’s a friendly, lively place for “keepers” of bilingual kids and admission is free for all.

P.S. Don’t miss my major update of the most popular post on this site, titled My Best Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids. It now contains 44 important tips and runs over 5,000 words.

What Frustrates Me About Raising Bilingual Children
“Preventive medicine” can lessen the difficulties, and accompanying frustrations, of raising bilingual kids.

There’s a Fine Line Between Being Firm and Being Rigid
Being firm is productive, but being too firm crosses the line into being rigid, and that’s counterproductive ground.

43 Great Quotes on the Power and Importance of Reading
Inspiring quotes on books and reading for parents and teachers.

A Friend of Mine Died
Since my friend passed away, I wake each morning and whisper: seize the day.

What Language Should I Speak in Public with My Bilingual Child?
Be careful that your use of the majority language doesn’t undermine your greater goal for your child’s development in the minority language.

You Are Not Alone
You can do this. Keep going, keep trying, day by day, and keep breathing in as much joy on this memorable journey as your heart can possibly hold.

Important Thoughts on Babies and Hammers
How is a stone cutter and his hammer a powerful metaphor for parents raising bilingual children?

19 Things I Haven’t Told You About Me and My Family
Here’s a personal peek into the past and present, with some fun photos, too.

How I Get My Bilingual Son to Talk His Head Off in the Minority Language
Here’s a fun activity for parent and child that promotes non-stop use of the target language and frees the imagination completely.

This Great Way to Get Bilingual Kids Talking More is Often Overlooked
Here’s a rich, ready source of inspiration for storytelling in the target language.

A Powerful Twist on the Use of Skype to Promote the Minority Language
Try this strategy for fueling lively conversations via Skype with grandparents and other loved ones.

Making Science a Bigger Part of a Bilingual Child’s Life and Language Development
How do I nurture my children’s language ability about the world at large, in scientific terms, when I’m practically a caveman myself?

How Blaming Your Kids For Things They Didn’t Do Can Boost Their Language Ability
Try this fun, playful way to prompt interaction in the minority language!

Is It Too Late For My Child to Become Bilingual?
What options are there for beginning or boosting a child’s bilingual development at an older age?

My Son Disappears, I Lose My Mind, and the World is Beautiful
Last weekend there was a festival at a local shrine in our neighborhood. We almost didn’t go—and afterward, I wished we hadn’t…


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