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Highlights from Bilingual Monkeys: May-June 2014

Highlights from Bilingual Monkeys: May-June 2014

As I explained earlier, I’m now taking a little break from blogging to focus on other writing projects—but I’ll be back on October 15 with a fun new contest! Over the past two years I’ve written more than 200 articles about raising bilingual children so this is a good time to take a short pause and let you catch up with previous posts that you may have missed.

One writing project is a book about raising bilingual children. My goal for this book is to provide ideas that will not only help parents achieve success, but maximize that success. This will be my mission moving forward: maximizing our children’s bilingual development.

If you’d like “inside information” on my new book—I’ll keep you posted on my progress and even give you the chance to win a free preview copy—just click this link to add your email address to a special list. (I’ll only email you occasionally, and only about my book.)

Sorry, this list is now closed.
Yes, I’m interested in your book on maximizing success at raising bilingual children.

At the same time, I’ll continue to remain active at the forum for our community, The Bilingual Zoo, so please stop by and say hello. It’s a friendly, lively place for “keepers” of bilingual kids and admission is free for all.

P.S. Don’t miss my major update of the most popular post on this site, titled My Best Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids. It now contains 44 important tips and runs over 5,000 words.

22 Fun Photos from Our Adventures in Hagi, Japan
A personal post where I share pictures from our trip to an old castle town called Hagi.

A Terrific Way to Get Your Bilingual Kids Talking (and Build a Closer Bond)
Here’s an idea that can be a fun and useful tactic for generating conversation and engaging your children in the minority language.

Are Your Bilingual Kids Writing Letters in the Minority Language?
Letter-writing exchanges in the minority language can promote stronger language development, broader awareness of the world, and richer relationships.

Be Very Serious. Be Very Playful. The Bilingual Journey Demands Both.
It’s an odd and delicate balance: you must be both very serious about your expectations for your kids and yet very playful about how you carry them out.

Another Fun Idea to Get Your Bilingual Kids Eagerly Using the Minority Language
Try this playful, indirect way of prompting your children to speak the minority language.

What to Do When It’s Hard to Find Children’s Books in Your Minority Language
Ideas for overcoming the problem of a lack of resources in a less-common minority language.

8 Meditations on Time and the Art of Raising a Bilingual Child
Time is the very fabric of our lives, and the way we perceive time, and use (or misuse) time, is at the heart of our bilingual journey.

How Nearly Getting Myself Killed by a Kite and Having to Pay a Parking Ticket for $150 Helped My Children’s Bilingual Ability
Even your failures are successes, in a way, when they’re experienced in the minority language.

Recommended Resources: “A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism” by Colin Baker
“A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism” is a comprehensive and authoritative book that can serve as a core reference for homes and schools.

Another Quiz on Bilingualism! Test Your Knowledge!
Try this quiz on bilingualism, with questions based on information in Colin Baker’s book “A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism.”


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