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Highlights from Bilingual Monkeys: March-April 2014

Highlights from Bilingual Monkeys: March-April 2014

As I explained earlier, I’m now taking a little break from blogging to focus on other writing projects. Over the past two years I’ve written more than 200 articles about raising bilingual children so this is a good time to take a short pause and let you catch up with previous posts that you may have missed.

One writing project is a book about raising bilingual children. My goal for this book is to provide ideas that will not only help parents achieve success, but maximize that success. This will be my mission moving forward: maximizing our children’s bilingual development.

If you’d like “inside information” on my new book—I’ll keep you posted on my progress and even give you the chance to win a free preview copy—just click this link to add your email address to a special list. (I’ll only email you occasionally, and only about my book.)

Sorry, this list is now closed.
Yes, I’m interested in your book on maximizing success at raising bilingual children.

At the same time, I’ll continue to remain active at the forum for our community, The Bilingual Zoo, so please stop by and say hello. It’s a friendly, lively place for “keepers” of bilingual kids and admission is free for all.

P.S. Don’t miss my major update of the most popular post on this site, titled My Best Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids. It now contains 44 important tips and runs over 5,000 words.

The Funniest Activity I’ve Ever Done with My Bilingual Kids and Students
Here’s a great game that often gets my bilingual kids and students laughing like mad chipmunks. (Free downloads, too!)

Inspiring Interview with Corey Heller of “Multilingual Living”
In this candid interview, Corey Heller, the founder of “Multilingual Living,” shares her personal story and her advice for parents.

Guest Post: If At First You Don’t Succeed, You May Be the Minority Language Parent
In this guest post, Tatyana Leskowicz shares a successful strategy for getting a small child to actively use the minority language.

It’s Not About How Hard It Is, It’s About How Hard You Try
The thing to focus on, above all, is your effort: How hard are you really trying each day, and are you satisfied with the extent of your effort?

You Need These 3 Things to Raise a Bilingual Child
Each of these three things is crucial to your success, and the third one is generally overlooked.

There Are More Resources in Your Minority Language Than You Think
With some extra effort, you can always find additional resources in your target language.

Thank You Letter from a Bilingual Child: Olga Mecking
In this guest post, Olga Mecking writes a lovely letter to her parents, reflecting on her upbringing as a bilingual child.

Watch Out for the Tough “Second Stage” of Bilingual Development
A warning for parents who will one day face the “second stage” of bilingual development: schooling in the majority language.

What’s the Best Book About Raising Bilingual Children?
The more you read on the subject, the more effectively you can navigate the years of your bilingual journey.

Could a Handful of Dice Get Your Bilingual Kids Speaking More (And Improve Their Math Skills, Too)?
Dice can be a fun and useful tool for encouraging communication in the minority language.

Your Child Wants to Be Bilingual!
Your gurgling baby, or your growing child, may not be aware of this yet, but they want to be bilingual!

Why Raising a Bilingual Child Is Very, Very Simple—and Very, Very Difficult
The process may be simple, but it’s hardly easy, particularly when the child attends a majority language school.


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