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You Are Not Alone
You can do this. Keep going, keep trying, day by day, and keep breathing in as much joy on this memorable journey as your heart can possibly hold.

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This Might Be the Very Best Thing About Raising Bilingual Kids (And It’s Probably Not What You Expect)
When all is said and done, this could be the greatest benefit of the bilingual journey.

What You Don’t Know About François Grosjean
Most people know only the professional side of François Grosjean, the noted authority on bilingualism. This post reveals his remarkable personal story.

8 Meditations on Time and the Art of Raising a Bilingual Child
Time is the very fabric of our lives, and the way we perceive time, and use (or misuse) time, is at the heart of our bilingual journey.

How Far Into the Future Do Your Efforts Today Matter?
My family and I were looking at old photographs last night and made an astonishing discovery…

A Powerful Perspective on Raising Bilingual Children: The Great “Iceberg” of Bilingualism
Is your “iceberg” forming as you hope?

My Son Disappears, I Lose My Mind, and the World is Beautiful
Last weekend there was a festival at a local shrine in our neighborhood. We almost didn’t go—and afterward, I wished we hadn’t…

Haircuts, Soap Bubbles, and the Whole Meaning of Life in Under 700 Words
This week I got a haircut. Once a month, for the past six years, I go to the same little barbershop, just a few minutes on foot from my house…

Thought Experiment: What Will Your Children Remember Most About You?
What impressions will you leave in your children’s minds and hearts, and how is this important, right now, in your efforts to foster their bilingual ability?

A Friend of Mine Died
Since my friend passed away, I wake each morning and whisper: seize the day.

My Friend Died and Left Behind This Important Message For Us All
My friend touched my life one last time with this message.

Thoughts on Death and Life and the Bilingual Child
The idea of “seizing each day” is at the very heart of raising bilingual children.

Can You See How Quickly Time Is Passing?
If you don’t take adequate advantage of the time that you have, the results may not be what you had hoped for at the start of this journey.

Your Efforts Today Have a Profound Impact on Tomorrow
Don’t ever doubt that your small, daily efforts matter—they do, and a great deal more than we usually recognize.

It’s Not About How Hard It Is, It’s About How Hard You Try
The thing to focus on, above all, is your effort: How hard are you really trying each day, and are you satisfied with the extent of your effort?

How Much Passion Do You Have For Raising a Bilingual Child?
The passion you bring to this challenge is crucial to your long-term success.

Creative Solutions to Challenges Raising Bilingual Children
The broader our capacity for creative thinking, the more likely we’ll come up with effective ways to address the challenges of raising bilingual kids.

49 Inspiring Quotes for Parents Raising Bilingual Children
Wise words that can help inspire parents in their quest to raise bilingual children.

56 More Inspiring Quotes for Parents Raising Bilingual Children
More wise words that can help inspire parents in their quest to raise bilingual children.

Are You Making the Moments with Your Kids Count?
Every interruption from your children is actually another fleeting chance to help stretch the minority language and deepen the parent-child bond.

When You Screw Up Badly as a Parent
Be careful that your actions aren’t undermining your own aims for your children’s language development.

A Powerful Way to Inspire a Positive Attitude in Your Bilingual Child
To inspire a positive attitude, help your child feel that her ability in the minority language is not only useful to herself, but helpful to others.

The Power of Using the Minority Language to Help Others
Motivate your bilingual child by providing opportunities for him to use his ability in the minority language to benefit others.

Why Communicating in English with My Kids is So Important to Me
English is at the heart of who I am, and communicating with my children in my mother tongue benefits our bond throughout their childhood.

Venomous Snakes and the Bilingual Child
A homestay guest from Papua New Guinea provides a remarkable example of determination.

Why Keeping a Journal on Your Kids is So Valuable
Give your kids a “precious peek” into their childhood, one day in the future, by keeping a regular journal on their young lives.

A Special Way to Impact Your Child Years from Now
Reach into the future by writing a letter describing your child’s unique nature at a young age, to be read when she’s a teen or young adult.

Thank You Letter from a Bilingual Child: Tatyana Leskowicz
In this guest post, Tatyana Leskowicz writes a lovely letter to her parents, reflecting on her upbringing as a bilingual child.

What My Hiroshima-Born Children Think About the Atomic Bombing
What do my children think about the atomic bombing, about war, about peace? I sat down with my kids on August 6 and asked them these questions.

Why Your Bilingual Child is Tied, Profoundly, to Hiroshima and Peace
Can bilingual children play a special role in making the world a more peaceful place?

37 Zen Sayings for Parents Raising Bilingual Kids
Thoughts for reflection and inspiration, from Adam Beck, the founder of Bilingual Monkeys.

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