Free Online Consulting for Your Bilingual Journey

Since the summer of 2020, I’ve had the great pleasure of speaking to more than 80 parents, all over the world, through HaBilNet’s online consultation service! And yes, these personal, hour-long consultations with me are free!

HaBilNet, the Harmonious Bilingualism Network, “promotes and carries out research on harmonious bilingual development. Through HaBilNet you can gain access to research-based sources that will help your family develop bilingualism in harmonious ways.”

HaBilNet is the brainchild of Annick De Houwer, an international authority on child bilingualism, with books that include Bilingual First Language Acquisition and An Introduction to Bilingual Development.

Among the support that HaBilNet offers is a free consultation service for parents, worldwide, who are raising bilingual and multilingual kids. To take advantage of this valuable service, and speak to me (or another consultant) directly about your bilingual or multilingual journey, just follow the simple steps below.

I’ve really enjoyed the many consultations I’ve had with parents so far, and I’m so pleased to report that these conversations have had a very positive impact on their efforts and their progress. Supporting families in this direct and personal way is one of the great joys of my work!

To arrange a consultation session, here’s what to do…

1. Go to this page at HaBilNet and find my bio.

2. Below my photo is the “Consultation Form” button. Click that button.

3. Fill out the Consultation Form. The space to write is limited, but do mention my name, if you would like to speak with me specifically, so HaBilNet will be aware of this preference. (Please note: HaBilNet cannot guarantee that they will honor requests for a particular consultant—so you may be assigned to another consultant and I have no control over that—but you can nevertheless try requesting a consultation with me, if you like.)


4. Someone from HaBilNet will get back to you directly, though this may take a week or so. After that, I (or another consultant) will contact you personally to arrange a time for us to speak via Zoom or Skype.