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English Coaching

Empower your English ability with Adam Beck!
Realize your personal or professional dreams!

My new coaching program “Empower Your English, Realize Your Dreams” provides private, customized support to help maximize the English ability of any adult or teen, worldwide, through Zoom or Skype.
About me as a teacher

I was a teacher for many years, then basically “retired” to focus on blogging and writing books. But I miss teaching and I’ve decided to return! I’m now offering personal online coaching, worldwide, for a limited number of adults and teens. Tell me your dreams—or the dreams you have for your teenage children—and I’ll help you achieve them!

The highlights of my background include:

About my students

With my caring, customized support, you will empower your English and make rewarding progress not only in your language ability but in your goals for your life. As a longtime teacher and coach, I’ve helped thousands of students realize their larger dreams. And I can help you fulfill your dreams, too.

Over the years, I’ve helped students…

✓Get good jobs, internships, and promotions

✓Pursue their own business ventures

✓Become English teachers themselves

✓Prepare to work or study abroad

✓Pass a range of proficiency tests

✓Gain admission to university programs

✓Improve their performance in school

✓Write stronger academic papers and business documents

✓Perform well in interviews and give successful presentations

✓Improve communication skills and pronunciation

✓Travel and socialize more confidently

✓Enhance their enjoyment of books and movies

✓Write their own books or pursue other creative projects

✓Nurture the development of their own children’s English

About my new program

“Empower Your English, Realize Your Dreams” is designed for adults and teens, to achieve desired life goals by strengthening your English ability and your drive for greater success. These goals can be short-term aims (like preparing for an upcoming interview or presentation), or longer-term aims (such as improving your English skills to pass an important exam).

Whatever your aims are, and whether you’d like short-term or more long-term support, I can help you.

To get started, simply reach out by email. In your message, please…

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Tell me about your main needs for your English ability.

3. Tell me about your related aims or dreams.

Feel free to write as much as you like. The more I know about you (or your teenage child), the more effectively I can begin tailoring my support to your situation. And don’t hesitate to add any questions you may have, too.

About the schedule

*Sessions can be fixed to a certain day and time, or scheduled more flexibly from session to session. My days are very flexible, but because I’m based in Japan, the time difference between us must also be taken into account.

*Sessions are generally 60 minutes or 90 minutes. They can take place frequently (more than once a week); regularly (like once a week or once every two weeks); or occasionally (like once a month). Our schedule will be customized to meet your individual needs and aims.

*Zoom is preferred for our meetings, though Skype is also possible.

About the fees

60-minute sessions
1 60-minute session: $80 US
Package of 4 60-minute sessions: $280 US ($70 per session)
Package of 8 60-minute sessions: $480 US ($60 per session)
90-minute sessions
1 90-minute session: $100 US
Package of 4 90-minute sessions: $360 US ($90 per session)
Package of 8 90-minute sessions: $640 US ($80 per session)

*For those living outside Japan, payment through Wise is preferred to avoid high PayPal fees. If PayPal is used, please add 5% of the total to the transfer amount.

*For those living in Japan, payment can be made through bank transfer or postal transfer.

Editing written documents

I can also help with editing written documents. The fee for editing, though, is separate from “Empower Your English, Realize Your Dreams” and depends on the length and complexity of the document. If you’d like professional help with editing any written work, please email the document to me, or share a link so I can look at it. Then I can offer an estimated fee for this service.

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