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A Special Way to Impact Your Child Years from Now

In my last post, Why Keeping a Journal on Your Kids is So Valuable, I talked about the value of regularly recording your thoughts on your children’s language development, emerging character, and childhood experiences. Fast forward a few decades and that record will become a treasure chest of memories for them as adults. In the same vein, let me offer another idea that comes from a book by one of my favorite writers on education, Parker Palmer. Parker Palmer is

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Journal entry

Why Keeping a Journal on Your Kids is So Valuable

I have a little closet in my home office which holds a big cardboard box. In that box is a pile of old notebooks that contain years and years of scribbling about my life. Here’s an excerpt from May 29, 1989… (It turns out she was an alien and this was the start of a star-crossed intergalactic romance. ) Although I lost the habit as I grew older, and hadn’t kept a journal for a number of years, soon after

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The Power of Reading

Recommended Resources: “The Power of Reading”

If you need any persuading when it comes to the value of reading aloud to children, and encouraging them to read on their own, look no further than The Power of Reading by the noted linguist and researcher Stephen Krashen. A compact and accessible book, Krashen summarizes decades of research and makes a thoroughly convincing case for putting the highest priority on promoting a love of reading and a print-rich environment. If there’s one book I would consider a “must-read”

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