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The Essentials

The Ultimate List of Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids

My Best Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids

1. Start early If you’re proactive from the start, you’ll stand a much better chance of nurturing a good balance in the child’s bilingual ability. From birth to age 6 or 7 is a vital time for two reasons: 1) this is the period young brains are most primed for language acquisition, and 2) if the child attends elementary school in the majority language, it grows more difficult to “rebalance” the two languages after that. In other words, the investment

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What’s the Best Language Strategy for Raising Bilingual Children?

When you live in a location where your mother tongue is the minority language, you’re faced with a key question, right from the start, if you want to foster active ability in that language in your children: What language strategy should we adopt? In other words… Which approach to the use of languages in our family will best help our children develop proficiency in the minority language? (If your children attend a majority language school, developing competence in that language

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The Secret to Raising a Bilingual Child

The secret to raising a bilingual child is very, very simple. In fact, if you make this one simple thing the bedrock of your efforts, I guarantee that your children will stand a much better chance of developing active ability in the minority language. To tell the truth, it’s a secret that everyone has heard, but not everyone puts into practice. Read aloud to your children every day. If you’re already doing this, and doing it for at least 15 minutes a

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