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Recommended Resources: “Think Bilingual”, an Innovative Language-Learning App for Kids

About a year and a half ago, our bilingual journey became a trilingual journey when my kids began learning Spanish alongside Japanese and English. While their level in Spanish is still quite low compared to their native fluency in Japanese and English, they’ve made steady progress with the help of twice-monthly lessons from a friendly woman in Hiroshima who’s originally from Spain and small, daily doses of exposure to Spanish from workbooks and apps. Although I suppose some exposure could

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Recommended Resources: “Little Lexicon,” a Fun, Innovative App for Budding Bilingual Kids and Confused Loved Ones

Although I’ve been keeping a journal about my kids since they were born, one thing I wish I had done with more discipline was making notes about their first words—even their first half-formed words. For example, when Lulu was about 18 months old, I wrote… Lulu’s first sign of distinguishing English and Japanese occurred in February 2006 when she began, but not always accurately, using “up” to me when she wanted me to pick her up and “dak” (for “dakko”)

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Bilingual Style: Celebrating and Supporting the Bilingual Journey

What is Bilingual Style? Bilingual Style is an online store with fun, one-of-a-kind products for parents of bilingual (and trilingual) children. (Teachers and adults with more than one language may find something they like, too!) Products from Bilingual Style are not only unique and appealing, they are designed to celebrate your family’s bilingual identity and support your long-term success by serving as daily reminders of your mission. Who is behind Bilingual Style? Bilingual Monkeys has partnered with Zazzle, an online

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Could a Handful of Dice Get Your Bilingual Kids Speaking More (And Improve Their Math Skills, Too)?

One of the helpful things about being a longtime teacher of children is that I’ve amassed a lot of games and other playful items over the years. (To tell the truth, I probably became a teacher just so I could continue collecting toys as an adult!) Among them is a little plastic bag that contains 18 dice in various colors. I know I bought some of these dice at a cheap variety store in town, but I have no idea

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You Need These 3 Things to Raise a Bilingual Child

You need three things to raise a bilingual child. First, you need guidelines. Information and advice grounded on research and real-world experience should serve as the foundation for your bilingual journey. The better informed you are, the better equipped you’ll be to create an effective plan for your particular set of circumstances. Most books on raising bilingual children naturally focus on offering guidelines. Second, you need practical ideas. Knowledge of general guidelines is vital, but they can’t really be implemented

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Why You Must Put a Whiteboard in the Bathroom

What animal is big and gray, has a long nose, can fly, and makes a buzzing sound? The last time we traveled back to the United States to see my family, in 2008, I made an interesting find in a school supply store: a pack of “self-stick dry erase sheets,” like large stickers that can be affixed to the wall and used as a whiteboard. At the time (Lulu was then 4 and Roy was just a year old), I

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