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Interview with Eowyn Crisfield of “On Raising Bilingual Children”

I’m really pleased today to share an interview I conducted by email with Eowyn Crisfield, an expert on child bilingualism. Originally from Canada, Eowyn now lives in the Netherlands, where she pursues a range of activities in this field, including the blog On Raising Bilingual Children, one of the most insightful spots on the web when it comes to information on the subject. Thank you for stopping by Bilingual Monkeys to share your thoughts with us, Eowyn! Could you offer

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Can Children with Special Needs Be Bilingual?

The other day I received a note from someone who has a child with special needs and was wondering about bilingualism for his family. Because my personal experience in this area is limited, I thought I would search out some expert opinions and bring them together for this post. I hope these resources will be of some support to those raising kids with special needs. First, a fine video from LinguaHealth with Dr. Brenda Gorman, a speech-language pathologist in the

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Why I'm a lot like this pig here.

5 Bilingual Blogs and Sites You Should Know About

First, though, let me explain why I’m a lot like this pig here. The last time we went to the zoo in town, and ventured inside the petting zoo, we saw this pig rooting about in the ground for choice morsels. I don’t do much rooting about in the ground, of course, but when it comes to expanding my knowledge of raising bilingual kids, you’ll find me rooting through my surroundings just as eagerly. It’s important to remember, I think,

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Mr. Troll

Recommended Resources: Great Cooperative Games

If your kids are anything like mine, they’re always eager to play games. And while playing those games, they seem just as eager to get into crying, screaming, punching, kicking, hair-pulling fights over winning. (Fortunately, the biting has been tapering off. ) Still, along with books and music, games should be a third essential resource that you diligently collect for your home. Suitable games that parents can play with kids, and kids can play with one another, are a fun

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The Read Aloud Handbook

Recommended Resources: “The Read-Aloud Handbook”

When I think back to my own childhood, it’s hard to recall my parents or teachers reading aloud to me. I have an old black-and-white photo which shows my mother reading to me as we lay in bed together—when I was very small—but by the time I entered elementary school and began reading on my own, I suspect whatever reading aloud was done at home soon ended. And the same, it seems, was true of school: I wrack my brain,

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