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Inspiring Interview with Corey Heller of “Multilingual Living”

1. Could you share the background behind Multilingual Living? What motivated you to create the site? Although it may seem unbelievable now, back in 2001, when my first child was born, there were really no online resources for families raising children in more than one language, let alone communities focused on this topic. There were a few books out there, which were extremely helpful, but other than that, bilingual/multilingual families were pretty much on their own. My goal with Multilingual

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Bilingual Monkeys Around the Web (1.0)

Have you seen my articles about raising bilingual children elsewhere on the web? Some of them are syndicated versions of the content you’ll find right here, but others are unique and haven’t appeared on this blog. Today I’d like to share the links to a few of these articles on other websites. If you like them, would you please share them directly from these sites via social media? Thanks a lot! Article at SpanglishBaby Your Child Wants to Be Bilingual!

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Interview with a Father Raising a Bilingual Child with Autism, Part 1

Could you tell us a little about yourself and your family? I’m from Britain, but have been living and working in Japan since 1994. I currently work full-time as a teacher at a Japanese university. My Japanese wife and I are both fluently bilingual, and speak English at home as a first language. We have a 5-year-old son, Teeda, and a 3-year-old daughter, Ursula. Our son was diagnosed as being mildly autistic in April 2012. We had noticed that his

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Can You See How Quickly Time Is Passing?

For much of June, we were in the U.S., visiting family and friends. This series of articles offers observations of that trip in connection with raising bilingual children. First, please watch this remarkable video from the Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester. He filmed his daughter Lotte once a week, every week, throughout her childhood, then edited the film together and speeded up the footage. The result is a breathtaking record of the child’s growth, from birth to age 13, in a

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3 Good Ways to Boost a Bilingual Child’s Language Ability and Loving Bond with Grandparents

For much of June, we were in the U.S., visiting family and friends. This series of articles offers observations of that trip in connection with raising bilingual children. The main purpose of our trip to the United States was to provide an opportunity for my kids and my parents to spend time together in person. As it had been five years since our last trip—when my kids were just 4 and 1—they didn’t really have clear memories of their grandparents

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Recommended Resources: The Magic of Magazine Subscriptions

In How Many Books Do You Have in Your Home?, I looked at research which indicates that the size of a home library can have a powerful impact on a child’s language development and academic success. Although that study didn’t take magazines into account, I suggest that a steady stream of magazines into the home—both those for children and for adults—is a valuable influence, too. In our quest to promote the minority language of our kids, magazine subscriptions in the

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How Many Books Do You Have In Your Home?

Note: This isn’t a contest, like my last post. I won’t be awarding stuffed animals to the people with the most books. However, if you have a lot of books—and the research I’ll share in this article makes this point persuasively—you’ll win something far more valuable: better language ability for your children. This past Saturday we went to Hiroshima International School for its big spring festival. It’s been nearly ten years since I taught there, but we haven’t missed a

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The Most Powerful Thing of All in Nurturing Language Development

I read an excellent article on language development in The New York Times the other day: The Power of Talking to Your Baby. I highly recommend a look, but if you’re pressed for time, here’s my tweetable summary: The more that goes in, the more that comes out. “The key to early learning,” contends the author, Tina Rosenberg, “is talking—specifically, a child’s exposure to language spoken by parents and caretakers from birth to age 3, the more the better.” She

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Recommended Resources: The Lively Virtual Community of “Education in Japan”

With the new school year in Japan starting this week, I thought today would be a fitting time to share the valuable work of Aileen Kawagoe, a long-term resident of Japan. For many years, Aileen has been involved in sharing information on education in Japan through the Education in Japan Community Blog as well as building a thriving virtual community, the Yahoo group edn-in-jpn, which engages in daily dialogue on issues related to education in Japan, including the raising of

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How Images Will Stimulate Your Child’s Bilingual Development

Last Saturday I took my kids to a photography exhibition at a local art museum—over 400 photographs of all types of subject matter from an association of Japanese photographers. I actually stumbled across the event on Friday while riding my bike home from the library. As I was curious, and the exhibition was free, I popped inside by myself and quickly realized that it offered a prime opportunity to engage the English side of my children’s bilingual ability—even though there

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Recommended Resources: The Extraordinary BoredPanda.com

Did you ever get an email forwarded to you that had a number of big, funny pictures that made you and your kids laugh? And you wondered: Where in the world did this come from? The answer might be BoredPanda.com. I stumbled upon this site not long ago and have been a regular visitor since. Although some of the pictures aren’t appropriate for children, there are plenty of pages with images that are not only fun, they’re highly effective for

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