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Why Resources in the Minority Language Are So Vital to Bilingual Success (With 6 Real-Life Examples From My Own Family)

Let me propose a basic principle of success at raising bilingual children, something that I suggest is true for 99% of families in the world, whatever the minority language. (And this is especially true if you seek higher levels of literacy in that language, though your children attend a majority language school.) The more resources you have in the minority language, the more suitable those resources are for the child’s age, language level, and interests, and the more actively you

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Letter to Santa

Fuel Your Child’s Passions and Proficiency in the Minority Language

The other day Roy wrote a letter to Santa Claus. It starts like this… …and then goes on to request a long list of Lego products, including several Lego action figures, like Captain America and Iron Man. (He found all these items in a crumpled Lego catalog he’s been carrying around the house with him for the past month.) Now I don’t think he’ll be getting too many of those things (the prices in that Lego catalog nearly gave Santa

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