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Recommended Resources: “Bilingual: Life and Reality” by François Grosjean

Note: Below my review of Bilingual: Life and Reality is a short, insightful interview with the author. Dr. Grosjean kindly responded, via email, to several questions I had in connection with his book. An irony is apparent in the fact that bilingualism is so prevalent in our world today—and will surely become even more widespread in the future—and yet, on the whole, the subject is discussed far less than might be expected. Granted, there are some books and blogs geared

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“I Spoke Both Finnish and English”: I Interview My Mother on Her Bilingual Childhood

Update in April 2018: My Mother Has Passed Away Tell us about your family and how they came to immigrate from Finland to America. I suppose my grandparents immigrated to America in search of a better life. Since I was the youngest child in my family, I didn’t really know my grandparents. In fact, I can’t recall ever having met them, though I might have. My father’s parents settled in Minnesota where there were many Finns and other Scandinavians. My mother’s parents

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Crazy Bilingual Kids Reveal Their New Year’s Resolutions

In the spirit of my last post, My “Bilingual Resolutions” for 2014 (Tell Me Yours and Win a Prize!), I sat down with Lulu (9) and Roy (6), hoping to produce some sincere resolutions from them for the new year. What followed was this nutty, funny discussion, courtesy of two wild monkey-children. (I still have no idea what “Wacko versus tangerine!” means…) Lulu: Wacko versus tangerine! (They squeal with laughter.) Me: What? What are you talking about? Roy: Wacko versus

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Bilingual Monkeys Around the Web (1.0)

Have you seen my articles about raising bilingual children elsewhere on the web? Some of them are syndicated versions of the content you’ll find right here, but others are unique and haven’t appeared on this blog. Today I’d like to share the links to a few of these articles on other websites. If you like them, would you please share them directly from these sites via social media? Thanks a lot! Article at SpanglishBaby Your Child Wants to Be Bilingual!

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What My Hiroshima-Born Children Think About the Atomic Bombing

Sixty-eight years ago today, the city that I now call home became a vast, burnt graveyard. I have lived in Hiroshima for almost 17 years, and my children were born here. Now 9 and 6, they have learned about the history of this city, bit by bit, over the years, but grasping a catastrophe that even adults find difficult to fathom is no easy task for a small child. What do my children think about the atomic bombing, about war,

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Interview with a Father Raising a Bilingual Child with Autism, Part 1

Could you tell us a little about yourself and your family? I’m from Britain, but have been living and working in Japan since 1994. I currently work full-time as a teacher at a Japanese university. My Japanese wife and I are both fluently bilingual, and speak English at home as a first language. We have a 5-year-old son, Teeda, and a 3-year-old daughter, Ursula. Our son was diagnosed as being mildly autistic in April 2012. We had noticed that his

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Recommended Resources: The Lively Virtual Community of “Education in Japan”

With the new school year in Japan starting this week, I thought today would be a fitting time to share the valuable work of Aileen Kawagoe, a long-term resident of Japan. For many years, Aileen has been involved in sharing information on education in Japan through the Education in Japan Community Blog as well as building a thriving virtual community, the Yahoo group edn-in-jpn, which engages in daily dialogue on issues related to education in Japan, including the raising of

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“I Can Help People”: I Interview My Daughter on Being Bilingual

My kids are constantly in competition, even squabbling over such silly things as who got out of bed first in the morning or who can eat the most pancakes for breakfast. So it was no surprise that when Lulu found out about my interview with Roy (see “It’s a Little Bit Funky”: I Interview My Son on Being Bilingual), she demanded to be interviewed, too. (As I was planning to do it, anyway, she saved me the trouble of having

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“It’s a Little Bit Funky”: I Interview My Son on Being Bilingual

As I’ve mentioned before (in the articles Why Communicating in English with My Kids is So Important to Me and How Much Passion Do You Have For Raising a Bilingual Child?), on Mondays I shuttle Lulu to her dance class at an arts center downtown. Normally, it’s just the two of us, but yesterday my wife was busy so I brought Roy along, too. While Lulu was at her dance class, Roy and I went to a coffee shop and

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Interview with Eowyn Crisfield of “On Raising Bilingual Children”

I’m really pleased today to share an interview I conducted by email with Eowyn Crisfield, an expert on child bilingualism. Originally from Canada, Eowyn now lives in the Netherlands, where she pursues a range of activities in this field, including the blog On Raising Bilingual Children, one of the most insightful spots on the web when it comes to information on the subject. Thank you for stopping by Bilingual Monkeys to share your thoughts with us, Eowyn! Could you offer

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Recommended Resources: “Be Bilingual” by Annika Bourgogne

Writing about raising children to be bilingual isn’t easy. The scope of the subject is so broad and encompasses so many facets—theory, research, practical ideas, resources—that no book (or blog, for that matter) could possibly cover the whole sprawling field. Moreover, every family is different, with its own unique mix of languages, circumstances, goals, and needs, so information that may be relevant to one family won’t necessarily be relevant to another. Over the years I’ve read widely about bilingual children—and

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