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Why I’m a Dinosaur (And How My Work Will Now Evolve)

My lizard and I have a lot more in common than you might think. Yogi is a reddish bearded dragon who looks a lot like a baby dinosaur. And I’m becoming a lot like a dinosaur, too, both in my advancing age and in the fact that I began the Bilingual Monkeys blog over 10 years ago. Compared to the reign of the real dinosaurs, 10 years isn’t so long. But a lot has changed in our world over the past 10 years and my work online hasn’t changed enough with it

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My Next Big Idea to Help You Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability (GIVEAWAY WINNER!)

I have a new idea. Well, actually it isn’t a new idea. It’s been in the back of my mind for several years, but that’s where it might have remained…if I hadn’t recently decided to stop thinking about it and start taking some action. So it may not be new, but it’s now my next idea and I’m happy to say that I’ve just completed the first, big step toward its realization. This post will share the idea, and that first step, while adding a giveaway

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This Could Be Your Child’s Favorite Gift for Christmas This Year

“Bearded Dragon, Home Alone” is perfect for parents raising bilingual or multilingual kids because the fun-filled story is conveyed through the pictures alone, which means you can share the book with your children in any language you like! What’s more, you can also tailor the telling of the story to your child’s age and ability, whether in a more simple or more sophisticated way—and have the child tell the story to you, too! This means that the book

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Flash Sale! Get My Award-Winning Novel for Less Than $10 at Amazon!

You probably know about my books to empower the challenge of raising bilingual children, including Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability and Bilingual Success Stories Around the World. You may not know, however, that I’ve also written a novel! And if you’re curious to read it, or read it with your kids, it’s now on sale at Amazon

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A Surprising Outcome to My Fundraiser for Ukraine

The vast and needless suffering of the Ukrainian people is absolutely tragic. Yet it’s hard not to feel helpless, on top of our sympathy and outrage, in the face of such tremendous destruction. Whatever support we can offer may seem ridiculously small, but each drop in this sea of need still matters.

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