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This Could Be Your Child’s Favorite Gift for Christmas This Year

“Bearded Dragon, Home Alone” is perfect for parents raising bilingual or multilingual kids because the fun-filled story is conveyed through the pictures alone, which means you can share the book with your children in any language you like! What’s more, you can also tailor the telling of the story to your child’s age and ability, whether in a more simple or more sophisticated way—and have the child tell the story to you, too! This means that the book

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The Best (and Worst) of Blogging About Bilingual Kids for 10 Years (Part 2)

This article continues my reflections on blogging about bilingual kids for the past 10 years, both the upside and downside of this experience. As I mentioned in Part 1, it’s hard to believe a whole decade has passed since I began this blog, and hard, as well, to believe that I even made it this far. But, like the bilingual journey itself, I just kept plodding forward, day by day, and it all went on growing

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The Best (and Worst) of Blogging About Bilingual Kids for 10 Years (Part 1)

My previous post on September 1 marked exactly 10 years since my very first post at Bilingual Monkeys. Honestly, I find it hard to believe two contradictory things about this decade: that 10 years have blinked by so quickly, and also that this blog has somehow managed to endure for so long. Looking back, let me now share some of the best, and worst, of my experience blogging about bilingual kids

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