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Bilingual Style: Celebrating and Supporting the Bilingual Journey

Bilingual Style

What is Bilingual Style?

Bilingual Style is an online store with fun, one-of-a-kind products for parents of bilingual (and trilingual) children. (Teachers and adults with more than one language may find something they like, too!)

Products from Bilingual Style are not only unique and appealing, they are designed to celebrate your family’s bilingual identity and support your long-term success by serving as daily reminders of your mission.

Who is behind Bilingual Style?

Bilingual Monkeys has partnered with Zazzle, an online retailer, to open the Bilingual Style store. Adam Beck, the founder of Bilingual Monkeys, creates the designs and Zazzle manufactures the products in the United States.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Zazzle ships worldwide so, no matter where you live, you can get whatever you like from Bilingual Style! (And all products are backed up by Zazzle’s “100% satisfaction” guarantee.)

Bilingual Style

What products are available?

You’ll find a variety of cute clothing for babies and children, clothing for adults, and useful items for the home, including coffee mugs, bags, and keychains—all featuring a bilingual or trilingual theme. And new products will continue to be added!

A child’s T-shirt from Bilingual Style is much more than a cool shirt: it’s a symbol of your identity and your dream. When worn by the child, the shirt serves a powerful purpose by deepening that important identity and reminding you to keep up your efforts to realize that heartfelt dream. In this way, products from Bilingual Style become special “charms” that will help fuel your success—and add to your fun—on the bilingual journey.

What languages are available?

The main language used in the products is English, with clothing for babies and children also available in Spanish.

However, many other languages are mentioned, too, and these languages may be used on more products in the future, as with Spanish.

At the same time, some products use only images in their designs, which make them “universal” for all.

In addition to “bilingual” and “trilingual” products, “multilingual” products (for families with four or more languages) are being considered, too.

Bilingual Style

How do I place an order?

Zazzle makes it easy! At the Bilingual Style store, just choose the product you like, as well as the size and color (for clothing), then check out. It’s very simple and very secure.

Remember, too, that products from Bilingual Style make great gifts. You can have something sent to a family member or friend anywhere in the world!

Can I make a request for a product idea or design?

Sure! Requests are gladly considered, though actually meeting the request may not always be possible. Just contact Adam with your suggestions.

Sounds good! Where’s the store?

Right here…*/

Grand Opening Giveaway!

To celebrate the opening of Bilingual Style, I’m holding a giveaway! If you’re one of the 2 lucky winners, you can choose any product you like from the Bilingual Style store and I’ll have it shipped right to you!

The winners are in! As promised, my kids randomly picked the winning entries from an empty tub of Lego. Lulu went first and drew out…Margarita in Greece! Then Roy’s little paw picked…Elke in the United States! Congratulations to you both! You’ve won anything you like from the Bilingual Style store!

Thanks again to all those who entered the giveaway and shared the opening of Bilingual Style with others. I’m also grateful for your good suggestions for new product ideas.

And look for a big summer sale that will begin very soon at Bilingual Style! I’m now adding new items to the store (some of your suggestions, too!), and lowering the prices as much as I can, so stop by to see some fun, affordable gear for a multilingual lifestyle! (Including this toddler’s T-shirt I’m modeling right here! It’s not a pretty sight!)

To enter the giveaway, just follow these three simple steps…

1. Share the opening of Bilingual Style through social media. Help spread the word in these two ways:

1. Share the link to this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. (Just copy and paste.)

2. Share the direct link to the Bilingual Style store, too. (Please keep that little “star” and “slash” on the end.)*/

Note: I’m using the “honor system” for this first step, but I’d be really grateful for your support in sharing these links with others who may be interested in Bilingual Style.

2. Leave a comment below with the following information. (And please proofread your comment, before submission, to check that the information is complete.)

1. Your first name and where you live (Example: Adam in Japan)

2. Your children’s ages (Example: Girl, 9 and Boy, 7)

3. Your two (or more) languages (Example: Japanese and English)

4. The product you would like, if you’re a winner (Example: “I love code-switching” Girl’s Fitted T-shirt)
Note: Visit the Bilingual Style store to choose a product. If you’re a winner and you change your mind later, that’s fine.

5. Your suggestions for new kinds of products or designs (Basically: What else would you like to see in the store?) (Example: A big poster of Adam and his kids dressed up like monkeys, hanging from a tree branch, and eating bananas)

3. All entries must be submitted by the morning of Saturday, May 17 (Japan time). On that day, the comments will be printed out and cut apart to serve as entry slips for the drawing. The slips will be placed in my son’s big, empty tub of Lego (because his millions of Lego pieces are always littering the floor instead), and I’ll ask Roy and Lulu to reach inside, each pulling out one lucky winner. I’ll then contact the two winners and update this post with the results.

I won’t respond to your comments here, but I do look forward to reading them. Thank you for entering the giveaway, and for sharing the opening of Bilingual Style!

P.S. If you run into any difficulties at the store, I’d be happy to help. Just contact me with a quick email. (I’ve organized everything as well as I can, but the search box there, to the left of the page, might also be your friend. :mrgreen: )


29 Responses

  1. Mayken in France
    Girl, almost 4
    German and French
    “I talk to myself in 2 languages” Kid’s T-shirt
    I’d like to see more languages in the store, and would be happy to lend a hand for German/French.
    (But the poster of Adam, Roy and Lulu eating bananas upside down in a tree sounds fun, too.)

  2. Ireen in Germany

    Girl, 11; Boy, 9; Girl, 5

    German, English, Spanish

    “Bilingual Style” Grocery Tote Bag

    “Trilingual Style” Women’s and Girls’ T-shirt

  3. Martin in Japan

    2 girls (both 9 months)

    English & Japanese

    “Loved in 2 languages” baby T-shirt, 12 months, blue

    Would like to see cute baby socks and pants!

  4. 1. Vesna in Serbia
    2. Boy, 8 months old
    3. Serbian and French
    4. ” Loved in two languages” Baby Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    5. Bilingual magnets for the fridge
    Idea for the poster is great! Would love to see it :) :) :) !!!!
    So many beautiful things in the store.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win some of the great stuff :) !
    Best of luck,


  5. Marina in Belgium
    Boy, 7 years old / girl, 9 months old
    Italian, Greek, French
    “Loved in 3 languages” baby long sleeved T-shirt and “I talk to myself in three languages” T-shirt (green)
    Possibility to write in Greek, French and Italian on clothes

    Thanks a lot

  6. 1. Tatiana, Greece
    2. Boy, 3 years old
    3. Romanian, Russian, Greek
    4. “Bilingual Style” tote bag
    5. Notebook, tea towel, shower curtain, bathmat, bath towels, slippers…

  7. Darcey, India
    Girl (6mos)
    Hindi, English & Spanish
    “I talk to myself in 3 languages” women’s t-shirt

    Some ideas for products:
    -multilingual family member shirts (ex. “Mor/Mom”, “Dad/Papa”, “Brother/???”, “Mom/Maman”)
    -more of the “Loved in X languages” shirts in different languages
    -a kids’ cardigan/hoodie/jersey/some outerwear option

  8. Cecibel, United States
    Boy 10, Boy 7, Girl 6
    English and Spanish
    Bilingual Style Women’s T-shirt (deep royal) and tote bag
    Magnets for fridge and classroom – would love to display for my students and kids.
    Love the items in the store already. Good luck, I’m so excited for you Adam.

  9. Raquel in Canada
    Boy, 6 months old
    Spanish, English, Galician
    Baby onesie that says “I’m bilingual, I can burp in two languages”
    House signs for the wall (or decals) with inspirational sayings like; “let the force be with you in the minority language” haha (just a random example that i just came up with)

  10. -Jennifer from USA
    -Chinese and English
    -newborn, 1 week old boy!
    -loved in 2 languages long sleeve shirt. 6 months size
    -license plate, car stickers, diaper bag, gloves and hat

  11. 1. Jessica in USA
    2. Boy, 3
    3. English and Spanish
    4. So hard to choose! As a bilingual teacher I love the travel mugs & “I heart code-switching” shirt, but ultimately, I’m a sucker for advertising via my son and would probably choose the “loved in two languages” toddler shirt. Or maybe “Adorado en dos lenguas.” Nice job on the product line!
    5. I LOVE the magnet suggestion.

    A few other slogans I would love to see available:
    “Bilingue at heart” (love the code-switching!)
    “Orgulloso de ser bilingue” with a female “orgullosa” version available of course (ohhh I know plenty of parents I could market that one to!)
    “Proud to be bilingual” (trilingual, multilingual…)

    I can’t connect to facebook here at school, but promise to re-post once I get home!

  12. Tessa in Israel
    Boy, 9 months
    Hebrew and English
    Baby T-shirt size 24 mos. “Loved in 2 languages”

    Would love items that have both/all three languages on them, esp. those shirts that list the second language, e.g., I <3 <3 English and ?????.

  13. 1. Reina in The Netherlands
    2. Twins, 6 years old (2 boys)
    3. Dutch and Spanish
    4. “Bilingual Style” tote bag
    5. Also more boy-ish design for the t-shirts. I showed them to my “pink, hearts and anything like is stupid” boys and they did not want to have one as they found the hearts for girls. I know they are annoying ;)

    I really do like your new shop :) Thanks for giving the chance for a give away :)

  14. Moraima from Budapest
    17 months old daughter
    Spanish and Italian
    “Adorado en dos lenguas” t-shirt
    “I dream un two languages”/ “Yo sueño en dos idiomas”/ Io ho dei sogni in due lingue”
    Ps: in Spanish “idioma” sounds better than “lengua”

  15. 1. Margarita in Greece

    2. Girl: 8; Boy: 6

    3. Greek, Polish, English

    4. “Bilingual brain, heart” Toddler Long T-Shirt

    5. More clothes for mums which are NOT classic T-shirt cut, but rather something trendy :) Maybe a long tight top for women with loose neckline. Beach bag.

  16. Maria Babin
    Paris, France
    French, English, Spanish
    Loved in 3 languages t-shirt or onesie!
    A trilingual bookbag, mais oui!
    Genius idea by the way! Love it!

  17. Jolanta in Northern Ireland
    girl, 19 months
    “Loved in 2 languages” t-shirt, 24 months
    Love the idea! lunch boxes, baby changing bags :)

  18. Pia in Italy
    Baby girl, 4 years old
    Italian and English
    I love mugs and tote bags
    I would like to find pencils, pens, block notes
    Let’s keep finger crossed????????

  19. 1. Elke in the USA
    2. Two boys, one 10 and the other 3
    3. French and English (also German for me and my parents and siblings)
    4. “I talk to myself in 3 languages” t-shirt (women’s size small) or Bilingual Style tote bag, can’t decide
    5. I like these ideas mentioned above: diaper bags (though I don’t need one anymore, it would make a great gift), magnets, note pads, pencils and pens, car stickers, and family member t-shirts. I also agree with Margarita that it would be nice to have some more style-conscious t-shirt or tops. And I second the point made by Reina about the hearts being on the girly side (at least for some young boys, including mine), and that having other symbols or images would be a nice option. Maybe a tee with a word or phrase like “Proud to be bilingual” in several languages at once, or a multilingual background and superimposed on it “Proud to be bilingual” (or multilingual) or “Thankful to speak two languages” or some such phrase.

  20. 1. Emily in South Korea
    2. Boy, 2 1/2 yrs, baby girl on the way
    3. English, German, Spanish
    4. “Loved in 3 Languages” toddler t-shirt
    5. I would love to see some gear in German…love the Spanish stuff!

  21. Inbal in Israel
    Baby Girl – 7 months old
    Hebrew and English
    “Bilingual to be” baby creeper, 9-12 months, white
    I’d love to see two-sided clothes, each side for each language – “I speak X” and “what do you, I speak X too”. Also, a sign for the nursery with the slogan “my parents ran out of foreign languages to use when they don’t want me to understand”
    Really great stuff you got going there – keep up the good inspiration!

  22. 1. Karina in Italy
    2. Boy, 14 (and proud aunt to 3 yr old boy and 6 month girl being raised IT/FR!)
    3. Italian and English
    4. “I love code-switching” Men’s (14 yrs old, 6’2″!!) (yes he plays basketball!)
    5. Ideas (for teens): backpacks, computer bags/pouches, tech stuff (iPad/pod/phone covers, usb flash drives), fun stickers/decals, sleeveless Ts (for summer). “I can be cool in 2 languages!” “Being bi/trilingual rocks!” …the word “bi(tri)lingual” in 2/3 (or many) different languages…

    Ok, now the 14 yr old is involved: “Bilingual: Double the languages, double the COOL!” (remaining T-shirt suggestions are not suitable for a PG audience).

    OK, that’s it for now, signing out from Milan, and wishing you all the best of luck with this great new project! We plan to place an order soon!

  23. 1. Evan in Hyogo, Japan
    2. Girl 13, Boys 11 & 9
    3. English and Japanese
    4. I love code-switching women’s T-shirt
    5. I Dream in 2 Languages, My Dreams are Bilingual

  24. 1. Czeslaw, Poland
    2. Maja (8), Tony (4 1/2), Timmy (1y 7m)
    3. ML: Polish, ml: English
    4. Since my children are very fussy about clothes (animal related designs for Maja, monsters and superheroes for Tony) I have to choose something for myself: “I talk to myself in 2 languages” Men’s T-shirt (white XL)
    5. Polish language mixed with English. I made myself a t-shirt that says: I’m bilingual. A ty? — that translates to: I’m bilingual. And you?

  25. *** Sandra from Germany ***
    *** my son is 16 months ***
    *** German / English ***

    *** “Loved in 2 languages” shirt***
    *** Your products are super cute… I would like the country flags on the merchandise a lot :) ***

  26. 1.) Dona, UK (from Germany)
    2.) girl, 20 months
    3.) German and English
    4.) I Love German and English, and Loved in 2 languages
    5.) more German/American shirts including both languages/flags

  27. Reena, Italy
    2 boys: Jacopo – 4 1/2, Ricky – 2 1/2 years
    Italian and English
    T-shirts: “I love english and italian”

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