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Bilingual Monkeys Around the Web (1.0)

Bilingual Monkeys Around the WebHave you seen my articles about raising bilingual children elsewhere on the web? Some of them are syndicated versions of the content you’ll find right here, but others are unique and haven’t appeared on this blog.

Today I’d like to share the links to a few of these articles on other websites. If you like them, would you please share them directly from these sites via social media? Thanks a lot!

Article at SpanglishBaby

Bilingual Monkeys at Spanglish Baby

Your Child Wants to Be Bilingual!

In this post, I remind parents of the fact that their children want to be bilingual—even if they’re not aware of this fact yet—and that the children themselves will regret it one day if they don’t become bilingual. It’s an important perspective to hold firmly in mind, especially in those tougher times.

While you’re at SpanglishBaby, I recommend a good look around, if you’re not already familiar with the site. Ana Flores and Roxana Soto have created a lively, helpful community for parents raising bilingual kids, and particularly parents seeking to support Spanish as the minority language.

Interview at The European Mama

Bilingual Monkeys at The European Mama

A Very Special Friday with Adam of Bilingual Monkeys

This interview offers a more personal look at my background and my own experience as a parent raising bilingual children. You’ll also learn why I started Bilingual Monkeys and how I feel about blogging.

Olga Mecking, the blogger behind The European Mama, is a Polish mother raising multilingual children in the Netherlands. She writes fun, thoughtful posts about expat life, multilingualism, and parenting. The other interviews in her “Very Special Friday” series are well worth a look, too.

Interview at The Piri-Piri Lexicon

Bilingual Monkeys at The Piri-Piri Lexicon

Multilingualism in my Family: Adam’s Story

Another interview, which focuses on the personal circumstances of the languages used in my family. I also answer the question: “What would you do differently if you were doing this all over again?”

The Piri-Piri Lexicon contains a variety of interesting posts on multilingualism and other topics. Written by Annabelle Humanes, a French national now living in Germany, the whole series of interviews found within Multilingualism in my Family provides a fascinating glimpse into the diversity of multilingual families.

Interview at Dobra Polska Szkola

Bilingual Monkeys at Dobra Polska Szkola

Interview with Adam Beck, Part 1 (in Polish)

Interview with Adam Beck, Part 2 (in Polish)

One very gratifying aspect of my work has been the regular requests I receive to translate a post from my blog, or publish an interview, in another language. Here, I gave a lengthy interview, in English, which was published in Polish. (Just contact me if you have a similar request to put my material in other languages.)

For Polish speakers supporting Polish outside of Poland, the Dobra Polska Szkola website could be a very helpful source of support. Eliza Sarnacka-Mahoney, who translated the interview with me into Polish for her column, writes about her personal experiences raising bilingual children while living in the U.S. and offers further tips for promoting a child’s Polish side.


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