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Exciting news! My first bilingual language learning resource is now available worldwide in paperback or an e-book version! In fact, 28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables was a team effort and it was an honor and a joy to work closely with three bilingual professionals on this project. I wrote the English text for the stories, then Delia Berlin (originally from Argentina and a writer in the U.S., including bilingual picture books for kids) translated the stories into Spanish with support from Marisa Martinez Mira (originally from Spain and a professor of Spanish at a U.S. university). Finally, Graciela Portillo (a voice artist who grew up in the U.S. and now lives in Guatemala) made the professional audio narrations in both languages. We hope the book and accompanying audio files can help empower the success of your language learning adventures!

28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables

What is 28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables?

28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables is a language learning resource (not a picture book) designed to fuel the improvement of learners of Spanish or English. Engaging and effective for children, teens, and adults, with easy access to online audio files offering professional narration in both languages. A useful, flexible resource for self-study, homeschooling, or classroom use, it includes ideas for learners, parents, and teachers to make the most of this book in order to advance their language learning aims.

The book, available in paperback or an e-book version, consists of familiar stories crafted in short, simple texts on dual English and Spanish pages that can benefit a wide range of ages and learning situations:

*Children, monolingual or bilingual, who are developing their language and literacy ability in Spanish and/or English, whether at home or at school.

*Teens and adults who are language learners of Spanish or English, whether studying on their own or in a classroom.

With these enjoyable, text-only stories, learners can focus fully on the target language to strengthen their language skills. This format also offers parents and teachers the flexibility to follow up with their own questions or exercises, if they wish, which can be targeted to the particular needs of their children or students.

28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables

28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables

28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables

Praise from Language Professionals and Parents

“What an engaging resource! I appreciate the way the author uses the action and patterns of familiar stories to focus on high frequency structures. The short sentences help language learners keep their bearings, while the concise narration holds their attention. These stories will be a tremendous confidence builder for my students! The audio files make it easy to create rich learning experiences in different settings. I am sure many dual language programs, world language classes, and families will make these stories an integral part of their language journey.”
—Jennifer Brunk, longtime educator and founder of Spanish Playground, a leading site for Spanish resources, and creator of the Spanish Playground YouTube channel

“Stories are simply the best way to provide engaging language. This delightful collection of fairy tales and fables is a wonderful resource for kids to adults, to improve their listening and reading skills in Spanish or English. The comprehensible stories help learners acquire new language in context, and support bilingual kids in expanding their vocabulary. My own kids love listening to them at night before bed!”
—Elisabeth Alvarado, founder of the popular blog Spanish Mama and creator of practical and engaging Spanish resources for the home and classroom at Teachers Pay Teachers

“28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables is a wonderful language learning tool for all ages by an authority in the bilingual world, Adam Beck! Easy to read, fun to listen to, the book offers the readers plenty of opportunities to learn words, sentence structures, sounds and rhythms without missing a beat. A resource for generations to come. Bravo, Mr. Beck!”
Maritere Bellas, award-winning author, parenting topic expert, and advocate of raising bilingual and multicultural children

“A must-have for families raising bilingual kids in English and Spanish, it gives parents the opportunity to provide exposure in each language and help their children improve their language skills. Using the same resource, parents can share the special moment of reading to their children those traditional stories that have become classics for so many cultures around the world.”
—Ana Calabrese, bilingualism advocate, founder of the musical approach Spanish Plus Me, and creator of the album Short + Fun Spanish Beats

28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables

28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables

Get a copy of the book

28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables is available at Amazon, the global Amazon sites, and other booksellers.

Get the paperback at Amazon.

Get the e-book at Amazon.

Bulk orders for the paperback—for groups and booksellers—can be made by contacting Adam Beck directly at: adam[at]

Please help me spread the word

I hope you find the book helpful for your language learning aims. Please consider sharing your impressions with others by posting a review at Amazon, Goodreads, and other sites online. (Even a short review is fine!) Reviews are so important for raising awareness and enabling more people to benefit from this resource. I’d be really grateful for your support in this way.

Tell others about the book through social media and word-of-mouth. Many thanks for sharing these links…

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If you run a blog or website, please consider posting something about this book. For inquiries related to reviews, interviews, or other posts, please email me directly: adam[at]

Thank you so much, everyone! :mrgreen:


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  1. This kind of bilingual stories is a great way of learning languages. Especially if we can either read them or listen to them. 🙂

    1. Anna, thanks for your comment! Yes, I hope the book can be an engaging and effective resource for learners of either Spanish or English! (Or both!)

  2. I love bilingual books. One of my favorites is the story La tortuga gigante, which is not typically bilingual, but this video has an excellent bilingual version with inline translations and a nice narration as well. It’s from the book, Cuentos de la selva by Horatio Quiroga.

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