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VIDEO: Adam Beck of Bilingual Monkeys Speaks Again (4 Year Later!) with Amanda Hsiung Blodgett of Miss Panda Chinese

I recently spoke again with Amanda Hsiung Blodgett, popularly known as Miss Panda Chinese, about our experiences raising bilingual children. Our first conversation (that video is also below) took place four years ago when our kids, who are practically the same age, were pre-teens. And now, four years later, they’re full-fledged teenagers! (My daughter is nearly 17 and my son just turned 14.) Although our personal circumstances are very different, our experiences parallel one another in some basic ways simply because we have children of similar ages. Plus, we both have a great passion for this subject!

If you’re curious to know what the bilingual journey is like for us, with pre-teens, and now with teens, just watch our two conversations, recorded four years apart!

Our experiences with bilingual teens

Watch this video at Miss Panda Chinese.

Our experiences with bilingual pre-teens

Watch this video at Miss Panda Chinese.


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