Parents, boost your whole bilingual journey, for years to come, in just a few hours!

Get your child speaking the minority language more actively right now!

3 Free Gifts for Bilingual Families (Get Them Before Christmas!)

Parents of bilingual and multilingual kids, would you like some free and useful gifts to help power your progress through the holidays and beyond?

Free Webinar: How to Get Your Bilingual Child Eagerly Shouting Out the Minority Language (Literally!)

This 20-minute webinar details one of my most powerful secrets for success. If your child isn’t speaking the minority language as actively as you’d like, my free, on-demand webinar is a must-watch video!

Get the link to watch it now.

In fact, this webinar is just one piece of a much larger masterclass that will be available to access starting on January 5th. And if you become a founding student, by pre-ordering the course by December 25th, you’ll get the whole 4-hour course for half the price, just $90, with a full money-back guarantee. This masterclass is the highest culmination of my work over the past 25 years and at the lowest price I’ll ever offer.

Full Masterclass: How to Get Your Bilingual Child to Speak the Minority Language More Actively

Pre-order my masterclass now.

Free Strategy Call: Discuss Your Situation with Me Personally and Get My Actionable Advice

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of parents experience greater success and joy on their family’s bilingual or multilingual journey, and I’d be happy to help you, too. We’ll use Zoom to talk about your situation and I’ll offer the best advice I can during our 30-minute conversation. And if my continuing support could accelerate your progress even more, I can share the details of my signature coaching program, too.

If you want to experience more momentum and more progress in 2024, don’t delay! I can handle only a limited number of free strategy calls each week, and I only have space for 3 new coaching clients in January!

Book a free strategy call with me.

Free E-Book: Instant Inspiration for Parents Raising Bilingual Kids

This PDF e-book is a power pack of wisdom with 636 motivating quotes that I gathered and selected with parents of bilingual and multilingual children in mind. In it I focus on “10 qualities of spirit” that are vital for success, such as perspective, planning, attitude, effort, perseverance, and more. For each of these key qualities, I’ve written an essay explaining its connection to raising bilingual kids, followed by a wealth of inspiring quotes on the subject.

If you want fresh inspiration for your bilingual or multilingual aim, download this e-book today!

Get my free e-book.

Not Free, But Very Inexpensive: My Popular Books on Raising Bilingual Kids

My practical, encouraging books on raising bilingual and multilingual children are among the world’s bestselling books on this subject. Praised by parents and leaders in the field, these books have been a source of ideas and inspiration for many, many families. Available at booksellers worldwide, they make great gifts, for yourself or for a friend.

Check out my books at Amazon.

Happy holidays (spent in the minority language, as much as possible) to you and your family!


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