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28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables

Short, Simple Stories for Language Learners of All Ages, with Online Audio

28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables is a language learning resource (not a picture book) designed to fuel the improvement of learners of Spanish or English. Engaging and effective for children, teens, and adults, with easy access to online audio files offering professional narration in both languages. A useful, flexible resource for self-study, homeschooling, or classroom use, it includes ideas for learners, parents, and teachers to make the most of this book in order to advance their language learning aims.

The book, available at booksellers worldwide in paperback or an e-book version, consists of familiar stories crafted in short, simple texts on dual English and Spanish pages that can benefit a wide range of ages and learning situations:

*Children, monolingual or bilingual, who are developing their language and literacy ability in Spanish and/or English, whether at home or at school.

*Teens and adults who are language learners of Spanish or English, whether studying on their own or in a classroom.

With these enjoyable, text-only stories, learners can focus fully on the target language to strengthen their language skills. This format also offers parents and teachers the flexibility to follow up with their own questions or exercises, if they wish, which can be targeted to the particular needs of their children or students.

Praise from Language Professionals and Parents

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28 Bilingual English-Spanish Fairy Tales & Fables

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