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10 Frightful Monsters Explain the Many Benefits of Being Bilingual

WARNING: This is a humorous post, but the images are a bit scary! :mrgreen:

Human beings aren’t the only ones that benefit from bilingual ability. This Halloween week I sat down with 10 monsters for exclusive interviews on their experience of being bilingual or feeding on bilinguals. Here’s what they told me…


Bilingual Mummy

Bilingual Werewolf


Bilingual Witch

Bilingual Demon

Bilingual Goblin

Bilingual Skeleton

Bilingual Ghost

Bilingual Ghoul

Here’s another ghastly post I think you’ll enjoy…

3 Essential Ways Parents Raising Bilingual Children Should Be Like Zombies


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      1. Yes 🙂 Btw, you know what I miss on your website? It’s just a small silly technical thing. It would be great if I’d got a notification by email when you replied to my comment. But then again, maybe some people wouldn’t like that 😀

        1. Jana, you’re right, but the site is growing older now and the platform, as is, doesn’t include this feature. If I remake the site at some point (which I don’t even want to think about but would have to tackle eventually), I’ll definitely keep this thought in mind.

  1. ahahahahah!!! This post is simply wonderfullll!!!! How could I miss it??
    I really love it! I’ll show this interviews to my kids, that’s real captive reading!

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