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10 Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Child’s Bilingual Development


Want 10 effective ways to strengthen your efforts, and your success, at raising bilingual children?

There are now 10 “challenges” at The Bilingual Zoo, the friendly forum that complements this blog as a community of sharing and support for “keepers” of bilingual kids. These challenges are designed to empower your daily routine and boost your children’s language development. Try one, or try them all. Everyone is welcome to access the forum, and benefit from the challenges you’ll find at the links below. Only registered members, though, can fuel their commitment to these challenges by actively using the forum boards and interacting with others through posts and private messages.

As of today, The Bilingual Zoo has 404 members from all parts of the world. Becoming a member is free (a modest annual donation to help support the site is encouraged, but not required) and you’re invited to join us.

Best of luck with these challenges, and with your whole bilingual journey!

Challenge #1: Read to Your Children Every Day

Challenge #2: Play Background Music Regularly

Challenge #3: Maintain an Effective Homework Routine

Challenge #4: Make Use of Captive Reading

Challenge #5: Read More Poetry

Challenge #6: Do Something Playful and Quirky

Challenge #7: Write About Your Bilingual Journey

Challenge #8: Make This the Highest Priority You Can

Challenge #9: Make Good Use of Inspiring Quotes

Challenge #10: Travel to Your Minority Language Country

How about you? What other challenges might be useful for parents raising bilingual kids?

Comments, please!

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