Highlights from Bilingual Monkeys: October 2012

June 5, 2013

During our trip to the U.S. in June, I’ll regularly post highlights from Bilingual Monkeys—selected articles from each month since the site was launched last fall. Be sure to read the articles you may have missed! I’ll be back soon with reflections on our trip and fresh posts on raising bilingual kids!

Using Made-Up Memories to Engage Bilingual Kids
Parents and children can engage in the minority language by making up fantastical “memories” from the past.

Don’t Read These Words!
Boost the time your children spend reading by taking advantage of the tendency to “automatically read” whatever words our eyes fall upon.

How the Power of Music Nurtures Bilingual Ability
Play a steady stream of background music in the minority language to help nurture the bilingual ability of your child.

Why Keeping a Journal on Your Kids is So Valuable
Give your kids a “precious peek” into their childhood, years from now, by keeping a regular journal on their young lives.

A Special Way to Impact Your Child Years from Now
Reach into the future by writing a letter describing your child’s unique nature at a young age, to be read when she’s a teen or young adult.

Take a Bird’s Eye View with These 10 Key Questions
Ten vital, overarching questions that are ultimately at the heart of long-term success when it comes to raising a bilingual child.

Are You Accidentally Hindering Your Child’s Bilingual Progress?
When it comes to nurturing good bilingual ability in your kids, everything you do either moves you closer to that goal, or impedes your progress.

Why You Must Put a Whiteboard in the Bathroom
Making use of a whiteboard in the bathroom is a cheap and effective way to nurture the reading ability of your children.

Thoughts on Death and Life and the Bilingual Child
The idea of “seizing each day” is at the very heart of raising bilingual children.

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