Highlights from Bilingual Monkeys: November 2012

June 7, 2013

During our trip to the U.S. in June, I’ll regularly post highlights from Bilingual Monkeys—selected articles from each month since the site was launched last fall. Be sure to read the articles you may have missed! I’ll be back soon with reflections on our trip and fresh posts on raising bilingual kids!

Getting a Bilingual Child to Feel the Value of the Minority Language
Instilling in a bilingual child the value of his minority language, so he holds a positive attitude, is another important objective for parents.

A Powerful Way to Inspire a Positive Attitude in Your Bilingual Child
To inspire a positive attitude, help your child feel that her ability in the minority language is not only useful to herself, but helpful to others.

Fuel Your Child’s Passions and English Proficiency
One important principle for raising a bilingual child is the idea of nurturing her natural passions via English resources, like books, DVDs, and CDs.

Why Communicating in English with My Kids is So Important to Me
English is at the heart of who I am, and communicating with my children in my mother tongue benefits our bond throughout their childhood.

What’s the Best Language Strategy for Raising Bilingual Children?
There are different approaches to raising bilingual children. Which one is best for your family?

Turn Your Kids into Eager Readers with This Fun, Simple Strategy
The use of “serial stories” can motivate children to read independently, and eagerly, in the minority language.

How Much Passion Do You Have For Raising a Bilingual Child?
Passion is crucial to your success in raising a bilingual child. How much passion do you have for this challenge?

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