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Why Resources in the Minority Language Are So Vital to Bilingual Success (With 6 Real-Life Examples From My Own Family)
Maintaining a steady stream of suitable resources is at the very heart of nurturing strong language development.

Do You Really Have Enough Resources in the Minority Language? (Hint: The Answer is Always “No.”)
Resources in the minority language are the wood needed to fuel the fire of bilingual development.

There Are More Resources in Your Minority Language Than You Think
With some extra effort, you can always find additional resources in your target language.

What to Do When It’s Hard to Find Children’s Books in Your Minority Language
Ideas for overcoming the problem of a lack of resources in a less-common minority language.

What’s the Best Book About Raising Bilingual Children?
The more you read on the subject, the more effectively you can navigate the years of your bilingual journey.

Free eBook for Parents Raising Bilingual Children from Adam Beck, the Founder of Bilingual Monkeys
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Recommended Resources: “A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism” by Colin Baker
A comprehensive and authoritative book that can serve as a key reference for homes and schools.

Recommended Resources: “Bilingual: Life and Reality” by François Grosjean
A wise, warm primer on the subject of bilingualism, highly recommended for parents, teachers, and the general public.

Recommended Resources: “Be Bilingual” by Annika Bourgogne
Be Bilingual: Practical Ideas for Multilingual Families is a helpful book of research-based advice and practical, real-world ideas.

Recommended Resources: “Raising a Bilingual Child”
Raising a Bilingual Child, by Barbara Zurer Pearson, is an insightful blend of research and practical guidelines for raising bilingual children.

Recommended Resources: “Bringing up a Bilingual Child” by Rita Rosenback
Bringing up a Bilingual Child, by Rita Rosenback, is a sensible, strategic guide for new parents wishing to raise a bilingual child.

Recommended Resources: “Family Language Learning” by Christine Jernigan
Family Language Learning: Learn Another Language, Raise Bilingual Children, by Christine Jernigan, is a valuable book for non-native parents.

Recommended Resources: Books on Bilingual Acquisition by Prominent Researcher Annick De Houwer
Annick De Houwer is the author of the books Bilingual First Language Acquisition and An Introduction to Bilingual Development.

Recommended Resources: “Maintaining Your Second Language” for Non-Native Parents, Language Professionals, and Language Learners
Eve Lindemuth Bodeux has written a very useful book that offers a wealth of tips and tools for those seeking to strengthen an additional language.

Recommended Resources: Inspiring Podcasts About Raising Bilingual Children
Get informed and inspired by listening to the podcasts Bilingual Kids Rock and Bilingual Avenue.

Recommended Resources: “The Read-Aloud Handbook”
The Read-Aloud Handbook is a classic book for parents that makes a very persuasive case for reading aloud to children.

Recommended Resources: Good Books on Reading Aloud
Reading aloud to children is a vital practice for nurturing language ability. This article provides a list of good books on the subject.

Recommended Resources: “The Power of Reading”
The Power of Reading, an outstanding book for all parents, makes a convincing case for prioritizing books and reading in your child’s life.

Recommended Resources: “Now I’m Reading!”
Is your child ready to read? If English is your target language, here’s an excellent series of small, amusing books to kickstart the process.

How to Get Your Child Hooked on Books
Chapter books which come in a series are a vital part of engaging a child’s interest in reading.

How Comic Books Can Give Your Kids Bilingual Super Powers
Comic books in the minority language can be a highly effective way of promoting language development.

Recommended Resources: Captivating Comic Books for English Learners
Here’s a list of great graphic novels to nurture language development and a love of literacy.

Recommended Resources: The Quirky Work of Sandra Boynton
The humorous books and music by Sandra Boynton can be fun, helpful resources for parents nurturing the English side of a bilingual child.

Recommended Resources: The Marvelous Picture Books of Graeme Base
Books by Australian artist Graeme Base are a rich source of support for language development.

43 Great Quotes on the Power and Importance of Reading
Some inspiring quotes on books and reading for parents raising bilingual children.

Recommended Resources: The Magic of Magazine Subscriptions
Children’s magazines in the target language are another useful resource for promoting language development and a love of literacy.

How the Power of Music Nurtures Bilingual Ability
Play a steady stream of background music in the minority language to help nurture the bilingual ability of your child.

Recommended Resources: Great Music for Kids (and Parents, too!)
An array of children’s music, pop music, and musical soundtracks that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Recommended Resources: Word Games in the Minority Language
The regular use of word games, from an early age, can promote a child’s love of language and bilingual development.

Recommended Resources: Great Cooperative Games
Cooperative games can be used to increase exposure in the minority language in an effective, enjoyable, and harmonious way.

Recommended Resources: The Marvelous (and Multilingual) “Bananagrams”
Bananagrams is a great word game, available in a number of languages, that can also be played in a cooperative way with younger kids.

Can Children with Special Needs Be Bilingual?
A selection of online resources on bilingualism to support parents raising children with special needs.

Interview with a Father Raising a Bilingual Child with Autism
Eugene Ryan, a university teacher and researcher studying bilingualism and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), shares his personal story.

Bilingual Monkeys Around the Web
Links to posts I’ve written, and interviews with me, that have appeared on other websites.

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