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Maximize Your Child's Bilingual Ability

VIDEO: Adam Beck Goes Bonkers in Interview, Reveals “Crazy Secret” for Bilingual Success
Could this “crazy secret” help maximize your children’s bilingual ability?

Movie Project with My Kids: “Purple Monster in the Woods” (Watch Now!)
Short-term projects—like this little movie I created with my kids—can be a productive way of enhancing exposure to the minority language.

INFOGRAPHIC: Recipe for a Bilingual Child
Here’s how to cook up delicious bilingual children!

INFOGRAPHIC: The Top 10 Advantages of Being Bilingual (From a Child’s Point of View)
Another fun infographic from Bilingual Monkeys.

INFOGRAPHIC: 11 Signs You’ve Run into a Little Trouble Raising Bilingual Kids
A third infographic about raising bilingual children.

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Things I Love About Bilingual Kids
A fun infographic for Valentine’s Day (and every day)!

INFOGRAPHIC: 9 Lesser-Known Myths About Bilingualism
A new infographic, for bilinguals and parents of bilingual children, on bilingualism and its myths.

“I Want to Be Bilingual”: Letter from a Newborn Baby
Here I am! Your new baby! I’m pretty darn cute, right? I know you’re surprised to see this letter. You didn’t expect me to arrive with a special delivery, did you?

How to Fail Miserably at Raising a Bilingual Child
A list of useful tips for ensuring failure when it comes to raising children with good bilingual ability.

3 Essential Ways Parents Raising Bilingual Children Should Be Like Zombies
What important zombie traits should parents adopt in their efforts to raise children with good bilingual ability?

Want Stronger Success at Raising Bilingual Children? Repeat After Me: Shannon Shorter!
A penchant for language play is hugely rewarding, making your efforts to nurture the target language more productive and more enjoyable.

Parents Trying to Raise Bilingual Children: Stop Confusing Your Poor Kids with Two Languages!
I received this message the other day from “A Concerned Citizen” and thought it might be of interest.

19 Things I Haven’t Told You About Me and My Family
Here’s a personal peek into the past and present, with some fun photos, too.

How Nearly Getting Myself Killed by a Kite and Having to Pay a Parking Ticket for $150 Helped My Children’s Bilingual Ability
Even your failures are successes, in a way, when they’re experienced in the minority language.

What Do You Know About Bilingualism? Take This Quiz and Test Your Knowledge!
Here’s a little quiz about bilingualism to test your knowledge!

Another Fun Quiz on Bilingualism! Test Your Knowledge!
Try this quiz on bilingualism, with questions based on information in Colin Baker’s book A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism.

Take This Quiz on Bilingual Acquisition in Children! How Many Will You Get Right?
Another quiz on raising bilingual kids, this time based on the book Bilingual First Language Acquisition by Annick De Houwer.

22 Funny Tongue Twisters for Kids (And Why Tongue Twisters Are Terrific for Language Development)
Tongue twisters are a fun and effective way to promote a child’s language development.

The Ultimate Crossword Puzzle About Raising Bilingual Kids!
Try this cool crossword puzzle, created by Adam Beck, the founder of Bilingual Monkeys and The Bilingual Zoo.

Adam’s Fables for Raising Bilingual Kids
Three short fables, in the spirit of Aesop, on the theme of raising bilingual children.

To Reach Your Destination, You Can’t Just Sit On Your Suitcase and Cry
Pursue the bilingual journey as you would a long trip: deal with the difficulties and keep heading toward your destination.

Crazy Bilingual Kids Reveal Their New Year’s Resolutions
When I sat down with my kids, seeking sincere resolutions, what I got instead was this nutty discussion.

“It’s a Little Bit Funky”: I Interview My Son on Being Bilingual
My 6-year-old son shares his feelings about his bilingual ability.

“I Can Help People”: I Interview My Daughter on Being Bilingual
My 8-year-old daughter expresses some concerns about her life as a bilingual child.

Funny Remarks from a Bilingual Kid
Record the memorable things your bilingual kids say, in both languages, by keeping a journal.

A Bilingual Child’s Christmas List
See the fun things my son put on his Christmas list!

The 12 Days of Christmas for Raising Bilingual Kids
Hear my kids singing (and screaming) this updated Christmas carol!

Strange-But-True Tales: Baby Chicks in the Bathtub
Tell your kids stories from your own childhood to engage their language ability.

Using Made-Up Memories to Engage Bilingual Kids
Parents and their children can make up fantastical “memories” from the past.

How Blaming Your Kids For Things They Didn’t Do Can Boost Their Language Ability
Try this fun, playful way to prompt interaction in the minority language!

“How Hot Is It?”: A Summertime Game for Laughter and Language Development
A fun activity that will give your children’s language ability a good workout and stretch their creative thinking.

Ridiculous Riddles (Get them all at this one page!)
Promote a child’s language ability through the fun and effective strategy of “ridiculous riddles.”

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