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For concerns about your family, it’s generally better to reach out to me through a comment at this blog or in a post at my forum—that way others can also benefit from our exchange. That value can’t be shared in the same way via email.

Please note that I’m open to requests for reviewing books and other materials that are suitable for families with bilingual children, but this blog only recommends resources that I have a chance to try personally and that I genuinely admire. (Unfortunately, as a rule, I don’t review children’s books that are limited in the scope of their languages, like a bilingual English-Spanish book. Although I believe such books have great merit, and I’m happy to cheer on their creators via Facebook and Twitter, the audience for this site is much broader than a particular language pair. This is why I’m unable to pursue blog posts about specific bilingual children’s books, no matter how appealing they may be.)

If you’re interested in advertising your product or service at Bilingual Monkeys and/or The Bilingual Zoo, feel free to get in touch. I offer reasonable packages that could put your offer before a large, worldwide audience. (But I don’t pursue any form of “sponsored post.”)

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