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Want a peek at the journal I keep on my kids? These posts share excerpts!

Well, our trip to the U.S. is now little more than two weeks away. If you’d like to receive a fun postcard from us, during our travels, just head here for the details.

As I mentioned in that post, we haven’t been back to see my parents—my children’s grandparents—in five long years and I’m afraid the time we have left together in this life is now dwindling fast. Since the subject of family, and mortality, is now very much on my mind, I thought I would dip into my journal again and share an entry on this theme.

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Why Keeping a Journal on Your Kids is So Valuable
Give your kids a “precious peek” into their childhood, years from now, by keeping a regular journal on their young lives.

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September 2, 2010 [Lulu was 6 years and 2 months; Roy was 3 years and 6 months]
Keiko’s grandmother died during the night of August 29. She was 97 and had vowed to live to the age of 100. Until a few months ago, she was in reasonably good health. But then she seemed to lose vigor, physically and emotionally, and went into decline after entering the hospital.

Oddly, it was the first funeral I ever attended in my life—I had never even been to a funeral in America.

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When Santa was little, did he get presents from a different Santa? Roy, now 5, wasn’t trying to be funny here, but ever since he could speak, he has been spouting a string of comical thoughts, intentional or not.

His curious question about Santa Claus (which left me tongue-tied) is among the nuggets I have recorded in a journal on Lulu and Roy, which includes: observations of their language development; observations of their personal traits and interests; and noteworthy incidents and experiences.

In Why Keeping a Journal on Your Kids is So Valuable, I discuss this idea in detail, and share some initial selections from my own journal. If you aren’t already keeping a journal on your kids, I highly recommend a peek at this page.

Today, then, I thought I’d share another round of excerpts from my journal, focusing this time on Roy and his amusing remarks.

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I have a little closet in my home office which holds a big cardboard box. In that box is a pile of old notebooks that contain years and years of scribbling about my life.

Here’s an excerpt from May 29, 1989…

Journal entry

(It turns out she was an alien and this was the start of a star-crossed intergalactic romance. :mrgreen: )

Although I lost the habit as I grew older, and hadn’t kept a journal for a number of years, soon after I became a father I knew it was time to start again.

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