7 Cool Names for Bilingual and Multilingual Sports Teams

August 26, 2017

The other day my kids and I went to our local sports center to play ping-pong. After I smashed balls at them for an hour, we watched a few minutes of a basketball tournament for junior high school boys and girls. And one of the girls’ teams had this unusual name…

The Attack Kangaroos

Isn’t that cool (and kind of crazy)?

Well, as we rode our bikes home, I began to wonder what sort of names would suit a team made up of bilingual or multilingual kids. Here are the cool (and kind of crazy) names that I came up with…

Bilingual LightningBilingual Lightning

Mighty MultilingualsMighty Multilinguals

Lingo FightersLingo Fighters

Flaming TonguesFlaming Tongues

Code SwitchersCode Switchers

Dual DynamiteDual Dynamite

Polyglot GangPolyglot Gang

How about you? Which names are your favorites? Can you think of any other cool (and kind of crazy) names for bilingual and multilingual sports teams?

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